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classic book games

Classic Book Games

Turn classic books in to computer games, give us Great Gatsby era Grand Theft Auto and Wuthering Heights Tetris. See the entries »

animals in charge

Animals in charge

What if animals were in charge? Would they take us for walks? Would they hunt us for sport? Show us! See the entries »

tory leadership race

Tory Leadership Race

The Tories are picking a new leader, guess the winner, make some puns from their names, design challenges they must overcome like a Tory Leadership Krypton Factor, b3ta up the worst news cycle in ages. See the entries »

pop holidays

Pop Holidays

Where do your favourite musicians go on holiday? Do Metallica enjoy the Norfolk Broads? Does Kanye like a paddle in Skegness? Do some pictures and let us know. It's a Pop Holidays image challenge! See the entries »

cost of living crisis

Cost of living crisis

Food's getting expensive, energy bills are going through the roof, pay has stagnated for years, it's a cost of living crisis! Depict it, or better still solve it with daft pictures and gifs. See the entries »



You probably haven't noticed but it's the Jubilee this week. So gif and photoshop the Queen, street parties, bunting, commemorative plates, red white and blue sandwiches and whatever else you can think of. See the entries »

hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

It's Towel day next Wednesday so let's give Hitchhikers the b3ta treatment. See the entries »

musicians in art

Musicians in art

Put musicians in to works of art, give us Vermeer's Girl With The Pearl Jam, Botticelli's Birth Of Bananarama's Venus and other art/music puns. See the entries »

elon musk

Elon Musk

Elon Musk can take a joke can't he, let's find out. Give us your best Elon shops, puns and laughs at his considerable expensive. See the entries »

80s pop games

80s Pop Games

The 80s were great, music was great, computer games were great but there wasn't nearly enough overlap. Fix that by reimagining all the best songs from the decade as retro games. See the entries »

b3ta nfts

B3ta NFTs

Despite their being a terrible, environment destroying ponzi scheme that gets robbed every other day, everyone is getting in to Non Fungible Tokens, even Rishi Sunak and the Royal Mint. So let's give up and join in. Make B3ta NFTs and get rich! See the entries »

their other books

Their other books

Authors are remembered for their best work, but what about their other books, the shit ones that they'd rather forget. Show us lesser known books by popular authors. See the entries »



Lets draw funny pictures of an unhinged dictator with nuclear codes. What's the worst that could happen? it's not like we haven't done it before. Photoshop Putin! See the entries »



Weather, there's a lot of it about and it's giving us a kicking, so lets make fun of it. Make Sun, Snow, Wind and Rain think again with the power of gifs and jpgs. See the entries »

the b3ta puzzle page

The B3ta Puzzle Page

Everyone's gone nuts for Wordle and other online games, so lets have some fun with that. Photoshop and pun some crosswords and word searches, or why not invent your own game entirely? See the entries »

confectionary traps

Confectionary Traps

Cakes are in the news for ambushing the PM. What other confectionary items are deadly traps? Strawberry Bootlace Garrotes? Battenberg proximity mines? Show us the deadly side of desserts, puddings and sweets. See the entries »

modernize films

Modernize Films

Apparently you can't make films like you used to because of all sorts of reasons, so lets modernize all the old films. Remove the questionable bits and add new concepts, trends and brands. See the entries »

predict 2022

Predict 2022

It's a new year, full of possibilities. Put on your fortune telling hat and show us what you think will happen in 2022. Who will win, who will lose, what tech will appear, what films will get made and will humanity still be around by the end of it? See the entries »

celebrity christmas cards

Celebrity Christmas Cards

Celebrity Christmas Cards, Christmas Cards with Celebrities on them and maybe a pun. Go on. See the entries »

religious movies

Religious Movies

It's Christmas so lets have some religious movies. Shows us some Biblical blockbusters and faith filled films. See the entries »