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big-screen comedy cameos

Big-Screen Comedy Cameos

Brighten up films by adding classic characters from the world of sitcoms and TV comedy. Let's see Onslow comparing vests with Bruce Willis or the Fonz jump Jaws. See the entries »

literal celebs

Literal Celebs

Jonathan Gullis reportedly had a shit-fit when a child made a picture of him as a gull. Let's depict other famous people literally. Kate Bush as a bush, Michael Fish as a fish... that sort of thing. See the entries »

pink floyd

Pink Floyd

We've done challenges on The Beatles, ABBA, and Queen, so let's Photoshop the FOURTH greatest band of all time... it's your dad's favourite - Pink Floyd! See the entries »

royal photoshop disasters

Royal Photoshop Disasters

Following Kate Middleton's dicking around with her press photo, let's go back in time and ruin every other royal photograph and portrait in history using the powers of Photoshop CS3. See the entries »

star wars vs adverts

Star Wars vs Adverts

Chile has shown us the future by inserting a beer commercial into Star Wars. Show us what other product placement and adverts could be shoe-horned into the Star Wars galaxy, or what commercials the characters could make a cameo in whilst George isn't looking. See the entries »

art on a budget

Art on a budget

How is the art world coping with the cost of living crisis? Does the girl now have a plastic earring. Have the Nighthawks resorted to getting wrecked in a Wetherspoons? Show us! See the entries »

star trek sings

Star Trek sings

Everyone loves the records William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy put out, but what other music are we missing from the Star Trek universe? Design record covers for the characters, or just mash up existing albums and pop moments with everything Trek. See the entries »

augmented reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality headsets are here and they're bound to make life much better... somehow. Show us your ideas for how the digital and real world may combine, or just take the piss out of techno-wazzocks in their fancy new glasses. See the entries »

change-a-letter books

Change-a-letter books

It's a wordplay challenge this week. Make a single-letter typo to a famous book title and see what damage it does. See the entries »



Mash up memes with other memes (or famous viral image) and see what happens when the internet eats itself. Warning: every time you post a picture containing only one meme, God kills a kitten. See the entries »

beatles games

Beatles Games

With the exception of Flip Your Wig, most Beatles games have been pretty boring things like Rock Band or special editions of Monopoly. Let's correct this by designing Beatles-themed games that actually look fun. Show us what Maxwell's Silver Hammer on the SNES, or Hungry Hungry Ringos look like. See the entries »

the puppet art gallery

The Puppet Art Gallery

Let's celebrate our felt friends by mashing up puppets with classic works of art. See the entries »



Boiled! Baked! Chips! Crisps! Let's celebrate the versatility of the humble potato by photoshopping spuds. See the entries »

christmas tv

Christmas TV

Most sitcoms get a Christmas special, but what about the shows that never do? Show us what a festive edition of Crimewatch, or a yuletide X(mas)-Files might look like. See the entries »



The Prince of Darkness, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, the Antichrist, the Executive Chairman of News Corp... call him what you want. This week we're photoshopping Satan. See the entries »

christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations go up this weekend, so let's deck everything with tinsel and baubles, gimp an advent crown, or design some completely new decorations to make things festive. See the entries »

happy birthday dr who

Happy Birthday Dr Who

This week marks Dr Who's 60th anniversary. To celebrate, let's make some pictures celebrating all things Who. See the entries »



Let's welcome back David Cameron to frontline politics with a one word challenge he'll love: PIGS! See the entries »

fictional health and safety

Fictional Health and Safety

Let's design some signs and public information posters in order to prevent problems that have only ever happened in fiction ever happening for real. See the entries »

garbage pail pop stars

Garbage Pail Pop Stars

It's Halloween, so let's use the Garbage Pail Kids format to come up with scary or gross-out puns on pop star's names and illustrate the terrifying results. Dead Sheeran, Rick Ghastly, that sort of thing... See the entries »