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mythical creatures

Mythical Creatures

Dragons, unicorns, the Loch Ness Monster, Kelpies, whatever. What if they lived among us? Can you imagine? We reckon you can. Challenge suggested by The Hedgehog From Hell. See the entries »

old time adverts

Old Time Adverts

This week's challenge is to design old-time adverts from the days before we knew better - cigarettes that keep you healthy, soap that makes housewives love their husbands more and super-fast cookers using the wonders of radium. Challenge suggested by Mystery_Bob. See the entries »



It's a magnificent one-word challenge. It's tasty, tasty curdled milk. Do with it what you will. It's CHEESE. Challenge suggested by Smash Monkey, Drimble_W and stereoroid. See the entries »

the internet olympics

The Internet Olympics

It's the Internet Olympics. What events would be included? Who would take part? Who would win? Tell us, using the sporting prowess of Photoshop. Challenge suggested by gaylord stinchcomb. See the entries »

film baddies in tv sitcoms

Film Baddies in TV Sitcoms

Imagine if film baddies started showing up in TV sitcoms - Darth Maul as David Brent, or The Terminator running the show in Yes, Minister - then use that imagination to create an impressive entry for this week's challenge. Suggested by Afinkawan. See the entries »



Lego celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2008, but we're marking the occasion right now with a one-word challenge: LEGO! Suggested by epiphany, Afinkawan, The Great Architect and op op op op op. See the entries »

kittens doing science

Kittens Doing Science

This week's challenge marks a welcome return for Teh Fluffeh. It's Kittens doing science. Challenge suggested by joe is troubled. See the entries »

film aftermath

Film Aftermath

Film aftermath: the movie ends and the credits roll, but what happens to the world and its characters after the films we all know end? Challenge suggested by Zak McFlimby. See the entries »

british tourist board posters

British Tourist Board Posters

With the coalition thinking of moving May Day to October to lengthen the tourist season, what else could be done advertise this great country? Challenge suggested by monkeyboyalpha. See the entries »

literal song titles

Literal song titles

I am the Walrus. Big in Japan. Dancing Queen. Foxy Lady. Take song titles and interpret them literally, using the magic of image manipulation software. Challenge suggested by sandettie light vessel automatic. See the entries »

the cat survival trust - logo challenge

The Cat Survival Trust - Logo Challenge

This special challenge is to design a new logo for the Cat Survival Trust, the charity who were wonderful enough to name a snow leopard cub after much-missed b3tan Jessie/Nina. As they're a small charity there's no fee, and the rights to the winning image will pass to the trust. But there are prizes! More details here. See the entries »



It's dark, it's gloomy, it sits in its room listening to the Sisters of Mercy, and it's this week's single-word challenge: Goth! See the entries »

pointless usb devices

Pointless USB devices

Invent the most pointless devices to make USB compatible. Thanks to brown-wings for the suggestion. See the entries »



They're everywhere, and yet they're nowhere. Or are they? This week's challenge is a single word classic: Ghosts! Thanks to The magic of chutney for the suggestion. See the entries »

make boring jobs interesting

Make Boring Jobs Interesting

Imagine if bus drivers could pass an electrical current through the seat of any passenger. Or if the Andrex factory had giant Nerf guns for firing toilet rolls around during lunch. Yep, this week's challenge is to enliven the lives of the downtrodden with new, fun ways of doing mundane jobs. See the entries »

unlikely babies

Unlikely Babies

With the news that Elton john and David Furnish have reproduced, show us what the offspring of other famous but unlikely parents might look like. Thanks to Benito Vaselini for the suggestion. See the entries »



With the nation experiencing the kind of weather more normally found in the Antarctic, it's the perfect time to reintroduce teh fluffeh, and an old-style, one-word challenge: penguins! See the entries »

b3ta christmas cards

B3ta Christmas Cards

It's December, and time for our traditional Christmas Card Challenge, featuring as much festive inappropriateness as possible. Can include kittens, chainsaws, or James Bond. See the entries »

julian assange

Julian Assange

Is the Wikileaks frontman Julian Assange a fearless freedom fighter or an irresponsible idiot? Buggered if we know. Either way, both Assange and secrecy itself are ripe for photoshoppery, so 'shop him, and the secrets he should be revealing. See the entries »

protest signs

Protest Signs

With the entire nation going protest crazy, people need some decent placards to wave about. Your job is to provide the slogans, the kind of thing that might show up on the news and allow you to sit back and proudly think, "that was me, that was". See the entries »