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They say the lights are always bright on broadway...

Barry from accounts

Jacko's on drugs. La la la. Everyone knows jacko's on drugs.

Busman Hughes! You've got no pubes!

I'm sticking with you. Coz I'm made out of poo.

Wank me off with a spikey glove

Spermy shits

Mummy I made ha ha

Look! Kittens!


Ha. ha. ha. Staying alive.

Get you.

People of earth. We come in peace.

They stoles it, they stoles our precious

I'm happy just to be alive

Grr. Antelope.

Stop it. You guys are killing me

Gag me with a spork


Hungry like the welk.

Thanks to Flibz for finding the Best Google Image Search ... Ever

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