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A new wave of creative idiots are storming the web. Flash is their weapon of choice. Here are the top ten animations, according to us.


Yes. Weee. Quite.
Squirrel Fact:
Grey Squirrels can be brown, black or white. Red squirrels can be black. The Kaibab Squirrel does not resemble a Kebab.

Horrid Donkey Shagging Animation

Really unpleasant...
Donkey Fact:
The placement of a Donkey's eyes allow it to see all four of its feet at the same time.



Hat classic. Nuff said.
Hat Fact:
The term 'Mad as a Hatter' refers to the disease caused by inhaling fumes of mercuric nitrate, which was a mixture used starting in the mid-18th century for felting of animal furs for hatmaking.

Stain Boy vs Stare girl

Dark adventures of the unhygenic super hero from Tim Burton.
Oyster Fact:
Stain Boy made his first appearance in the book "The melancholy Death of Oyster Boy"
In the Caribbean there are oysters which can climb trees. They can also change their sex several times.


Pygmy Shrew

The Pygmy Shrew is a very, very shit animal.
Shrew fact:
The Elephant Shrew weighs 42 - 300 grams and does not resemble an elephant in any way.

All Your Base

Classic. A meme that took over the world.
Zero Wing Fact:
You can get a windows version of Zero Wing, the original game from which the phrases come here


Fuck Shit Piss

Horribly offensive insane musical genius. It swears.
Swearing Fact:
Surveys have found that by far the most offensive word in the English language is "cunt" - so we won't use it here.

Mario Tribute

The theme tune sung, the characters hand-drawn.
Mario Fact:
Mario first starred in the game Donkey Kong for the NES in 1981, and is now more widely recognised than Mickey Mouse.



Animutations are good. This is the best. Utterly insane.
Pacemaker fact:
Approximately two million people worldwide have pacemakers, and about 500,000 pacemakers and Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators (ICD’s) are implanted annually

Xiao Xiao Fight Video

Fantastic stickman kung-fu from mystery Chinese artist.
Kung Fu Fact:
Screaming, yelling -- Hyyyyaaaaarrrrggghhh!!!!!! There is no screaming in most Chinese Kung Fu styles

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