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Cartel Communique are three twenty-somethings based in London who claim to be bringing about the "downfall of pop culture".

They have full-time jobs in TV post production, but spend their free time and employers' resources creating video by re-editing TV shows and setting it to the tunes by cut-and-paste artists like Osymyso and Kid 606.

B3ta found them via their video of Pat and Peggy's fight on Eastenders.

News Report on Mr. Winkle's Fame


Jonny: Cartel Communique
"It's mine, and I don't look at any other site."

Mike: Mr Winkle
"It's a freaky looking dog from Amercia. It looks like a Care Bear."

"It was the first site that I found. I can't look at it all. It's really foul."

Stupid Web Videos

Thing I've Been E-mailed:

Jonny: Wrestling Video
"I like stuff that is so extreme that you have to delete it instantly. Like the wrestling thing where he puts his weight on his broken foot."

Mike: Anthea Turner On Fire Video
"It's my favourite. Apperently the BBC use it for their health and safety video."

Man's head up Elephant Bum
"Is this real? It's fantastically funny."

Loads of Bardot Photos


Jonny: Bridget Bardot
"Before she went mad and looked after cats. I wouldn't want to die an asthmatic death on the point of orgasm"

Mike: Pat Butcher from EastEnders
"She's a dyke, but a bit fruity. I want what I cannot have"

Emma Jones - Smash Hits Editor
"She's really pretty. I saw her on the TV show 'This Week Only', and I thought I was in love."

Gram Parsons Fan Site


Jonny: Universities of America Sound Effects LP (1972)
"I'm an insomniac, The sound of dripping water on analogue synths sends me to sleep."

Mike: Girlz on Top - We Don't Give A Damn About Our Friends
"It's the return of Punk Rock"

Gram Parsons - Try One More Time

Smash Hits Site


Jonny: Anal 101
"It's a French hardcore porn magazine"

Mike: Smash Hits
"I also buy OK - I want to see what trousers Beckham is wearing.
"I've been in it. A shoot with Dale Winton, I stood behind him on my decks."

"I still buy the NME. The letters page is funny, filled with kids complaining about New Garage."

Brian jones Fan Site


Jonny: Mr. Vertigo - Paul Auster
"A kid with the power to leviate is taken on a freakshow tour of America - however the flying causes him to develop migranes. It's a dark but funny parable of Amercia"

Mike: The Murder of Brian Jones - Anna Wohlin
"He was murdered by builders working for Mick Jaggers lawyers. I love rock & roll conspiracy"

Papillon - Henri Charriare
"This wrongful arest drama, is a great feat of human endevour. It reminds me of life in London, where people judge you negatively before they know you"

Brass Eye Fan Site


Jonny: Jackass
"A viewer was inspired by Jackass to attemp to jump over a car and he got hit. Jackass got sued. It's fantastic"

Mike: Chris Morris's Brass Eye
"He does stuff that we do. He re-apropraited footage, and makes celebrities look stupid"

David Blane
"In the ice - standing up all that time - that was hardcore. Even if it was faked, to get all that press was pretty cool."

The Sun Website


Jonny: The Daily Record
"It's the only paper that gives your the full Scottish football results"

Mike: The Sun
"A girl from work was on Page 3 once."

The Sun
"It takes 10 minutes to read from cover to cover"

Kid 606 Video

Best Thing We've Done: Kid 606 - The Soho Riots vs. NWA Video

Jonny: "It took blood out of me to make."

Mike: "It was posh kids mashing stuff up."

"The aftermath of the riots was scarey."

Cartel are currently planning to make a video based upon the infamous tourettes syndrome documentary - "John's Not Mad".