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Yomgaille - a French webdesigner - has produced a fantastically odd animation called Un Lapin.

It features the bunny, a gun, and French song sung by lots of little girls. In a forest.

We caught up and asked him about his favourite stuff.

They want to shag girls infront of children
Music: Les Musclés.

"Les Musclés, a fantastic french band which made millions of children happy with their songs and even greater sitcom. No one at this time seemed shocked that they were constantly talking about them wanting to shag girls in front of a children audience... They're so deeply funky, their MP3s are definitely worth the download..."

More French Monseiur Men
Book: Mister Dirty

"The plot is so incredibly breathtaking ! I think Hitchcock owes much to the full Mr. Men collection"

Sing the English translation of the theme tune
TV: Le collège fou fou fou

"I don't know the English name of that incredible Japanese cartoon. In French, it's 'Le collège fou fou fou'"

Help for the cross dressers among you
Film: Monty Python's 'Life of Brian'

"Do i really have to explain why? Men disguised as women disguised as men..."

Kamikaze, a new way to hunt
Newspaper: Charlie Hebdo

"It's a French political-satiric newspaper."
Try this unofficial fan site.

Damn weird animations, it's no lie
Website: audiodregs

"You gotta check out the freaky animations section - weird flash movies and the place to be."

Her site has pics of horses too
Celebrity you want to have sex with: Alyssa Milano and Gillian Anderson

"Both at the same time, yeah!"

Bear, fuck you

Thing you've been emailed: Fuck You Bear

Click on the Picture to see it bigger

Is that really you?
Best thing you've done: Being born

Corbier Official Website
Person: Corbier

Yomgaille is going to bed now. But, not with Billie Jean. She's not his lover.
He's also made a fantastic bunny e-card so go send one to a bunny lover you love.