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Thomas Mannino,22, of Boston, MA is an animation god.

We love him because he took the Daft Punk tune, "work it" and made his own pixely video.

He says, "I just aim to please, and am glad that my stuff makes people happy."

Currently he's a Senior New Media Student at Emerson College in Boston, concentrating in Film and Screenwriting.

We caught up with him and asked about his favourite things:

Fatboy Slim Fan Site

Music: Fatboy Slim

"My favorite artist is Fatboy Slim.
"I'm a big fan of dance music, or pretty much any kind of music that's happy and peppy.
"I'm going to make music videos one day, so I'm definitely no closed-minded when it comes to music."

PC Gamer Site

Magazine: PC Gamer

"I don't usually get magazines anymore, cuz of lack of the fundage.
"But if I did, I'm a big fan of PC Gamer, Wired, y'know, hax0r technical stuff.
"Not so much geeky technical $hit, but more of the abstract and cultural stuff.
"It's the people and behaviors that I'm interested in."

Stile Project

Website: Stile Project

"I'm a big fan - on concept alone. He's a bright guy that makes a lot of sense. He's one of the few truly enlightened people in the world, who knows what reality is about."

Angelina Jolie Fan Site

Celebrities I want to have sex with: Angelina Jolie

"She has DSL in a big way. And I'm not talking about a lot of Bandwidth. And it's not even a secret, either.
"My girlfriend wants her, too, so who knows."

Amazon Review

Book: The Hacker and the Ants - Rudy Rucker

"It's my favorite book of all time. It's a kind of outdated Sci-Fi book, but I read it when I was young and it really inspired me.
"The main character is a hax0r, but he's kind of a typical guy, daydreaming about girls, and other funny stuff. He was computer-literate, but wasn't big-headed about it.
"I related a lot to him at the time."

Thing I've been emailed: All Your Base

"When I first saw All Your Base I was pretty amused by the whole concept.
"I was studying 'viral memes' in one of my classes, so it made a very awesome case study.
"Sure enough, as we predicted, a few months later it hit the mainstream media and we had a laugh. I got one of the Tshirts, from thinkgeek.com as a memento."

Matrix Fan site

Film: All Movies

"Wow! Wrong question to ask a Film student. I don't think I can ever have a favorite film, cuz I accept them all for what they are trying to accomplish.
"However, some of my favorite films are Matrix, Fight Club, Snatch, Requiem for a Dream, Ghost in the Shell, god this is always so hard..."

Turkey Recipes

Food: Turkey

"I'm a big fan of the Turkey dinner plan, the whole Mashed Potatos action, and veggies and whatnot. Blood. I also have a penchant for Spagettios with Sliced Franks. Blood."

Cat of the Day Photos

Animal: Cat

"Cats Rox0r. My girlfriend is an Animal, too, so I guess she could count."

Guide to Flicking Rubber Bands

Bext thing you've done: Flicking rubber band at Chemistry Teacher

"In Highschool, I shot my Chemistry teacher in the head with a rubber band and didn't get in trouble for it.
"However, she got hella pissed and told me I had detention on Friday. She asked me to do her a favor and video tape this dorky project her honors class was doing.
"I did an amazing job and told me I didn't have to go to detention.
"If I knew that was gonna happen, I'd a shot more then one rubber band at her."

Thomas is currently working on a top secret website. He'd tell you about it, but it's top secret.