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This is a link post Stewart Lee on Top Gear.
Very, very good.
(, Sun 6 Feb 2011, 20:26, Reply)
This is a normal post Yes
The follow up bit about Hammond is also very good. Go and get the DVD, and if you didn't see it live when he toured it you missed out, I saw it, it was good, yeah.
(, Sun 6 Feb 2011, 20:37, Reply)
This is a normal post best stand-up working today.

(, Sun 6 Feb 2011, 20:44, Reply)
This is a normal post Brilliant.
Some of the comments on the clip in question are pretty good..

(, Sun 6 Feb 2011, 20:53, Reply)
This is a normal post just download the torrent
the whole show is hilarious.
(, Sun 6 Feb 2011, 20:58, Reply)
This is a normal post Buy it

(, Sun 6 Feb 2011, 20:59, Reply)
This is a normal post yeah, that's what i meant.
actually, i'm fairly sure it's what i said.
(, Sun 6 Feb 2011, 21:00, Reply)
This is a normal post torrent/buy
I think it's the same thing...I think.

I woryy about viruses too much to torrent.
(, Sun 6 Feb 2011, 21:11, Reply)
This is a normal post It's effectively the same thing, i'm sure... from what i remember
don't worry too much about viruses. often comments will be a good indicator, sometimes uploaders will be registered as genuine users on some websites.

As long as the file looks the right size and is "avi" and not an .exe or whatever you're pretty safe. rar files can be either good or bad though.

maybe someone with more knowledge than me could confirm whether this is correct or not.
(, Sun 6 Feb 2011, 21:15, Reply)
This is a normal post I can confirm that .rar files can contain viruses that fuck up your laptop so badly it has to be reformatted.
And THAT is why I don't download any files when I'm pissed.
(, Sun 6 Feb 2011, 21:39, Reply)
This is a normal post There's a bit near the end about downloading his shows

(, Sun 6 Feb 2011, 21:43, Reply)
This is a normal post yeah
it's hilarious and true.
(, Sun 6 Feb 2011, 21:55, Reply)
This is a normal post great stuff
he is good that man : )
I hate top gear btw as well. There, I said that as well.
(, Sun 6 Feb 2011, 21:09, Reply)
This is a normal post He is truly brilliant.
(, Sun 6 Feb 2011, 21:13, Reply)
This is a normal post Cheers for that.
Some of the quietest stand-up I've ever seen. But as you say, very very good.
(, Sun 6 Feb 2011, 21:37, Reply)
This is a normal post Can I be the first to say
That I didn't find this all that funny?
(, Fri 11 Feb 2011, 18:51, Reply)
This is a normal post I found it funny
like when he said he wished clarksons daughters would go blind

I laughed like a loon
(, Fri 11 Feb 2011, 19:10, Reply)
This is a normal post You see, I like Top Gear, despite being a liberal
And I can understand that just because I like something, not everyone else will, so I'm not against people hating Top Gear. Free country and all.

But Herr Lee seems to be taking it all a bit seriously.

I watch Top Gear. I enjoy it. Jezza says something that is offensive, ohnoes.

However, I don't take it seriously. Because I know that Clarkson doesn't actually mean it, and he says it just for laughs.

That's where Herr Lee doesn't seem to understand - he's getting his knickers in a twist over Top Gear and things that the presenters say.

It doesn't fucking matter when everything else is considered, so why get so angry over it? Go get annoyed by something that matters, like the fact that the banks are still giving enourmous bonuses to their senior employees for effectively fucking up at their jobs.

Or the fact that we could meet our energy demands through renewable energy sources if the government backed them, but because of the energy conglomerates there has been a laughably neglible amount of progress into making NRE profitable, and we are effectively fucking future generations over short-term monetary profit.

But oh no, Jeremy Clarkson made a joke about lesbians and Richard Hammond laughed. The horror.
(, Sat 12 Feb 2011, 0:23, Reply)
This is a normal post I'd put him in the same league asFrankie Boyle
I.e. Shit
(, Fri 11 Feb 2011, 20:51, Reply)
This is a normal post ^this^

(, Sat 12 Feb 2011, 9:18, Reply)
This is a normal post ^ this too
Easy target -- and he's deconstructing something which is already designed to be parody of itself.

Just comes across as raw spite and bitterness to me without any sense of fun about it unlike Charile Brooker, for example, who you get the feeling is always a cockhair away from cracking a huge grin.

There's a metric fuck-tonne more skill, creativity and effort goes in crafting an hour of Top Gear than there is in writing this.
(, Sat 12 Feb 2011, 12:29, Reply)
This is a normal post this three ^^^

(, Sun 13 Feb 2011, 15:37, Reply)
This is a normal post I really don't understand
how anyone finds this guy funny. I never liked him when he was with Richard Herring either.

And Jim Davidson is a Maggie loving, mysogynistic, offensive cunt. Wouldn't be surprised to find out he's a fully paid up card carrying member of the NF.
(, Sun 13 Feb 2011, 16:08, Reply)
This is a normal post i thought it was good
Then i watched the clip which it all hinges on, and Hammond doesn't laugh when he says it, and only chuckles a bit later at something else. It all seems a bit rubbish, weak and lazy when 'clever' people make stuff up for their act.
(, Wed 16 Feb 2011, 11:00, Reply)
This is a normal post Daddy!
Why does he look so much like Patrick Moore?
(, Thu 17 Feb 2011, 21:44, Reply)