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This is a question Failed Dreams

Tell us of how you dreamed big asks Grrrmachine, only to see it crushed into oblivion by runaway train of reality.

(, Wed 17 Aug 2016, 14:01)

This question is now closed.

Destroyed someone's life, did a bit of psychological bullying. Had a right laugh. Lolololol.

(, Sat 27 Aug 2016, 9:21, 6 replies)
I never did go to school naked.

(, Fri 19 Aug 2016, 13:02, 10 replies)
Once appearing first on here was a sign of something.

Now it means you are the only person to visit the page on the day
(, Wed 17 Aug 2016, 14:06, 1 reply)
I once had a dream where I wanky wanky wank wank wank wanky wanky wanky wank wank

(, Thu 1 Sep 2016, 16:11, 3 replies)
Hardly any of my dreams have ever come true
Apart from the one where all your teeth fall out. That one did come true.
(, Wed 17 Aug 2016, 21:50, 1 reply)

This question is now closed.