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This is a question Revenge II

'Top radio ‘personality’ Christian ‘The OC’ O’Connell once burnt my socks on a campfire whilst I was unconscious on vodka’ bellows Richard mcbeef. ‘One day I will take my revenge, and it will be sweet’. But what can’t *you* ever forgive or forget? What’s still eating you up after many years? Is that why you’re such a bitter, unpleasant person? Tell mummy all about it.

(, Fri 20 Nov 2015, 19:56)

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A few years ago my girlfriend dumped me via the phone. 

I went to my room and cried and cried like a little girl.

That showed her.
(, Sat 21 Nov 2015, 23:55, 2 replies)
this is the top reply from the last time the question was asked.
I'm going to repost all the top answers because fuck it why not?
(, Sun 22 Nov 2015, 10:06, closed)

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