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This is a question Revenge II

'Top radio ‘personality’ Christian ‘The OC’ O’Connell once burnt my socks on a campfire whilst I was unconscious on vodka’ bellows Richard mcbeef. ‘One day I will take my revenge, and it will be sweet’. But what can’t *you* ever forgive or forget? What’s still eating you up after many years? Is that why you’re such a bitter, unpleasant person? Tell mummy all about it.

(, Fri 20 Nov 2015, 19:56)

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Outside the Driftwood Spars, St Agnes
I found Mrs Andrew Ridgeley's purse in the car park of the Driftwood Spars pub. It was stacked with cash and cards.

I took it into the pub and handed it to the barman.

He then took it over to Mr & Mrs Ridgeley who were eating at a table in the corner of the bar. The barman handed her the purse, and pointed at me to indicate who had handed it in.

They didn't even wave at me. No free drink. No pat on the back from the former Wham 'guitarist / singer' or from his equally talented 'singer from Bananarama' wife.

I've not bought a single Wham or Bananarama record since that day.

That'll teach them.

Thinking about it I have bought compilation albums with both 'bands' songs on them.

Shit, shit, shit. Really pissed off now.
(, Mon 23 Nov 2015, 9:58, Reply)

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