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This is a question Addicted

Cigarettes, gambling, porn and booze. What's your addiction? How low have you sunk and how have you tried to beat it?

Thanks to big-girl's-blouse for the suggestion

(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 16:42)
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Oh I see!!!
Everyone else gets a mention when they give an idea for qotw but not me.

Needn't be drugs or booze.

I think I've become a gym addict. I have a cold and won't be able to go for a few days now and it's bloody killing me.

What is it that you just can't stop doing, having or needing.
(I helped save b3ta! big-girl's-blouse can't chat on B3ta as she's lost her voice, Thu 11 Dec 2008, 15:18, Delete, Edit, Reply, I like this!)


(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:07, 19 replies)
It's not just you BGB
I suggested Customers from Hell and never got a mention.
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:09, closed)
God hates you
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:12, closed)
Hang on...
...give us a minute...


(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:12, closed)
And who said sulking never gets you anywhere.
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:14, closed)
GodScaryduck does love you after all.
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:16, closed)
Everybody loves me.
I'm auntie Blouse.
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:18, closed)
That's true
even your flu didn't want to leave you last week.
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:21, closed)
Tis true Bert.
I've kicked it to the kerb now. I'm a lean, mean, flu-fighting machine.
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:23, closed)
Glad to hear you're feeling better, I could've done with some time off work though, do you have any soggy tissues that I could lick?
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:26, closed)
oh oh oh
Fix /all !
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:19, closed)
you spelt
Freddy Woo wrong
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:21, closed)
So how come when I have sulked
it's never been fixed for me.

*carries on sulking*
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 18:11, closed)
you might want the credit removed again if all the answers turn out to be as 'entertaining' as the first nineteen.
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:18, closed)
Very true!
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:19, closed)
I thought the question would be a good one.
I can't be held responsible for B3tans lack of stories.
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:21, closed)
I haven't posted anything properly for weeks
So I'm going to try extra, extra hard for this question, and if I don't make the Best.. page, well then I'll... I'll just cry and wank.
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:24, closed)
I was joking, I'm sure that
There'll be some good ones!
But I'm gonna sit it out this week, too many bad memories.
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:25, closed)
Me too.
I'm so fucking boring that I don't even have any proper addictions.
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:34, closed)
I've got lots of drug and alcohol-related stories.
But they're not funny. Or particularly interesting.
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:40, closed)

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