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This is a question Happy 10th Birthday B3ta

Ten years ago today we launched B3ta (well the version of it you'd recognise). Happy birthday B3ta! As a special one off please add your memories of B3ta here. E.g. How you found the site, or an early thing you saw on the site, maybe the people you've met or how the community is/was part of your life.

(, Mon 12 Sep 2011, 10:24)
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I joined 50 years ago and lurked for at least ten years before that.
Give me kudos

My member number should really be in numerals.*

*And I am not talking about my penis. WOOOOOT
(, Mon 3 Oct 2011, 17:27, Reply)
7 years today
I couldn't get through a day at work with out it. I wonder how much people are getting paid by their employers to sit and post on B3ta rough maths suggests I have been paid roughly £26k before tax over the last 7 years based on an hour a day spent on B3ta.
(, Thu 29 Sep 2011, 9:47, Reply)
Well, I couldn't really post until I'd lurked the thread a bit.
I reckon if I had signed up when I first stumbled upon this den of idiocy, I'd have had a 2-digit profile ID. As it is, like all things I lurked for ages, and only joined up when the first Save B3ta appeal was announced. I got utterly hammered at the first bash at the Jorene Celeste, and met some lovely people, a pattern which repeated itself for all the early meets.

My own birthday was last week, so I took the opportunity to go out and get utterly hammered again. Almost without exception, the people who were there with me I met as a direct or indirect consequence of this place.

So, yeah. 10 years, a mere 614 posts, 7 front pages, and a LOT of liver abuse.

Lurking has never been so much fun!
(, Sun 25 Sep 2011, 18:13, Reply)
The first time that I ever followed a link to 'youtube' was from here...
I had no idea it had been only going for 13 months when I joined up...it seemed like such a community already.
(, Sat 24 Sep 2011, 18:38, Reply)
8 years and no FP but I'm happy
I've been a member of b3ta for 8 years now. My pictures are pretty shite if I'm honest, but I've always kept hanging around here because I love it.

I like to think b3ta has been a big part of my gradually dawning realisation that I don't want to be a born again nuthead fundy wanker any more. Good old uncle b3ta!
(, Fri 23 Sep 2011, 9:19, Reply)
seemingly I joined b3ta in its first year
posted loads, met loads of people, talked loads of bollocks, got about 50 FPs, employed several b3tans as illustrators, played gigs with b3tans, woke up not knowing where I was on sofas with b3tans...
Nobody remembers me.
(, Wed 21 Sep 2011, 21:46, 2 replies)
Joe Scaramanga used to send me pictures from B3ta.
Then I started working with him, which involved me having access to photoshop.

He showed me the ropes, and now I'm a hopeless, sad individual that starts most of the stories he tells in the pub with "My mate was saying ... " when actually referring to an exchange on here.
(, Wed 21 Sep 2011, 12:34, 1 reply)
A professional lurker
Nearly ten years ago a friend sent me a link to b3ta - I think it was for Yomgaille's Un Lapin, or Joel's Frightened Boy. I was instantly hooked. It led to a fantastic world of Flash animations that were incredibly entertaining. Back then people approached the competitions with imagination and creativity - whatever the subject matter. It took me a couple of months to realise there was a message board behind the images, but when I found it I was hooked.

I can't remember how many bottles of Staropramen and packets of Jaffa Cakes I ploughed through while trawling the boards. My one regret is never taking the time to learn Flash and produce my own animations. It would have been futile though - I don't have a creative bone in my body.

So thank you to all those creative types who have kept me entertained over the years, and thanks to all the people who run b3ta. Here's to the next ten years!
(, Tue 20 Sep 2011, 20:12, Reply)
Married the man from b3ta!
Years ago, I posted on a QOTW about a very creepy guy that I never dated, but I don't think he knew this. One person messaged me about it to tell me that Creepy Guy did, indeed, sound creepy; 4 years and an Atlantic ocean later (I'm from the US but moved to the UK for him), I'm married to that b3tard. Thank you, b3ta, for kittens, curse word sound boards, and the love of my life.
(, Mon 19 Sep 2011, 23:09, 1 reply)
The ultimate Pearoast!
By popular demand....

I reckon we should do a QOT10yrs

collate all the best QOTW (top answers) into one QOTW. Then give the readers to vote which was the best story of the past 10 yrs.

winner gets a prize.

.....will repeat until something happens....
(, Mon 19 Sep 2011, 10:40, 2 replies)

This question is now closed.

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