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This is a question B3ta Person of the Year 2010

Instead of Time person of the year, who's B3ta's and why? (Thanks to Elliot Reuben for the suggestion.)

(, Thu 16 Dec 2010, 10:53)
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Cos, I've had a few and think she it cute, in her rampaging girlie / no holds barred / say it as you are way.

(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 21:38, 19 replies)
Julian Assange
But he already knew that.
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 21:37, 1 reply)
that bloke
the one with the thing.
you know, we met him last year?
oh, come on, you must remember!
you know him, i know you do!
he used to go out with whatshername, the one with the hair and the bad coat.
we saw them at that christening, the one with the albino kid and the stuttering vicar, him with the lazy eye.
anyway, i'm voting for him.

i know you know him.
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 19:36, 1 reply)
because I found this.

(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 19:05, 1 reply)
because that's what Brian Boitano'd do.
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 18:55, 3 replies)
I met this bloke once, nice fella.
I nominate him.
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 17:39, 8 replies)
I nominate

Clearly, the obsession of b3ta.
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 16:58, 1 reply)
Sepp Blatter
For ass fucking 40 million Brits in one go and not having the common courtesy of a reach-around
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 15:59, 26 replies)
Because the internet told me to do it, and I have no opinions of my own worth mentioning.
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 14:08, 6 replies)
Robert Mugabe
at least he's interesting
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 13:11, 4 replies)
I'd like to nominate /talk
for their original humour, welcoming nature, overwhelming patience, individualism, ability to take a joke and their wide gene pool.
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 12:50, 7 replies)
because he is what he is and what he is needs no excuses.
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 12:48, Reply)
because he'll save every one of us.
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 12:48, 3 replies)
because just like me, he longs to be close to you.
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 12:47, Reply)
because he can take a rainbow and wrap it in a dream.
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 12:47, 2 replies)
because he can talk to the animals AND walk with the animals.
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 12:46, Reply)
it's the only way. resistance is useless. BALDMONKEY FOR MOD!
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 12:39, Reply)
Mrs Scaramanga
Some of you have had the good fortune to meet my betrothed at bashes where she arrives full of trpidation and nervousness, and ends the evening as life and soul of the party.

And this year she finally caved in and bloody married me.
God knows why.

In what, for various reasons, has been a very very mixed year of highs and lows, she has always been there looking after me, and stopping me from being too silly. Though a bit of silly is appreciated, and often encouraged.
She's one of the hardest working people I know, yet rarely complains.
She puts up with me refusing to learn to drive, watching far too much football, spending too much time on the computer, making her watch awful movies, clogging up the flat with books I never read, DVDs I never watch and other assorted 'stuff' that 'you never know when you might need'.

She's just ace.
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 8:48, 6 replies)
I nominate....
Bruce Forsyth, for once again stunning the bookies by continuing to live.

An honerable mention to the children on whom he feasts, stealing thier vitality.
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 4:38, 1 reply)
Jolly Jack
Anyone who can draw squirrels and cats with tits and make it sexy has sum mad skillz.
(, Tue 21 Dec 2010, 0:23, 3 replies)
Brian Haw
currently being treated for lung cancer

(, Mon 20 Dec 2010, 21:42, 16 replies)
For B3ta person of the year, as it's almost human.
the HONDA ACCORD, with or without super models.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2010, 20:04, 1 reply)
I'd like to nominate Amorous Badger.
He's the only one amongst you keeping this place interesting.
His hard work to keep this place from being shut down get my vote.

I think you should all Gaz him, to tell him you think he's ace.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2010, 18:55, 6 replies)
I guess he'll disagree, but
I think Professor Kenny Martin deserves a mention, and I'll tell you why...

This year he sadly suffered one of the greatest tragedies that anyone can. It is at these times in life when we find out who we really are and through it all he has shown courage and dignity when some people would just have given up. He has been brave enough to share some of his innermost pain with complete strangers, like myself, on b3ta, and I hope that he finds some solace in that. It may sound soppy, but for me, the Prof has reminded me that although humanity can be horrific at times there is hope and that real love that even death cannot destroy still exists in this sometimes bleak and cruel world. He restores my faith in humanity and in the resilience of the human spirit, despite his suffering. It is true what they say - grief is simply the price we pay for love, and how much poorer the world would be if we chose not to pay that price.

Sorry for lack of funnies, and potentially embarrassing someone I don't know, but I felt it had to be said.

Here's to a brighter 2011.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2010, 17:16, 8 replies)
Or alternatively, baldmonkey.

(, Mon 20 Dec 2010, 16:25, 30 replies)
I vote for the b3tards who voted for themselves.
I think it shows courage to out yourself as a predictable asshat (Myself included, I guess...).
(, Mon 20 Dec 2010, 16:21, Reply)
That baldmonkey's fucking great, isn't he?

(, Mon 20 Dec 2010, 16:07, Reply)

(, Mon 20 Dec 2010, 16:03, 1 reply)
oops ;)

(, Mon 20 Dec 2010, 16:03, 6 replies)

This question is now closed.

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