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This is a question Clients Are Stupid

I once had to train a client on how to use their new website. I said, "point the mouse at that button." They looked at me with a quizzical expression, picked up the mouse and held it to the screen. Can you beat this bit of client stupidity?

(, Sun 28 Dec 2003, 22:47)
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Doesn't really count but...
I worked for a distribution company one summer that took orders for a certain overpriced supermarket and heard this little gem:

1st Worker: Have you got any Irish orders?
2nd Worker: You mean blank ones?
1st Worker: (Slightly confused) No, I mean have you got any orders from Ireland?

We had to work in a large fridge too, and we were told we'd be there for 8 hours a night. Some teenage girl twunt came in with a stupid amount of skin showing and shivered all night.

They also told us "Don't try to steal anything. It's not worth it. What are you going to steal? An orange?".
Huh, people who steal something worth less than an hour's work are stupid.
(, Fri 2 Jan 2004, 23:49, Reply)
me again, last one I promise....
I'm now working for a major dept. store on Oxford Street (don't wanna say where, it's too sad).

But in our after sales dept. a couple of years ago we had a woman ring up letting hell loose on us down the phone.

"and can you tell me why no one has come to help me?"

"help you with what madam?"

"with my computer that I bought from you yesterday, i've been pressing the Help button for two hours now and no-one has come round to help"

not only this but it transpired that she didn't even have the goddamn thing switched on........

(, Fri 2 Jan 2004, 23:38, Reply)

This question is now closed.

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