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This is a question I don't understand the attraction

Smaug says: Ricky Gervais. Lesbian pr0n. Going into a crowded bar, purely because it's crowded. All these things seem to be popular with everybody else, but I just can't work out why. What leaves you cold just as much as it turns everyone else on?

(, Thu 15 Oct 2009, 14:54)
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A couple of things that have been very briefly hinted at
that really irk me more than they perhaps should (I know I may be repeating things slightly but at least I'm not talking about the X Factor or Apple FFS):

Idle conversation - Just because I am here and you are here doesn't mean we *have* to talk. If you have something genuinely interesting to say then fine. Otherwise just leave me alone. The only way 'small talk' is acceptable to me is if I am vaguely familiar with a person and either I or they would like to try to get more familiar to make future meetings easier (i.e. in a work situation).

Door Hoggers - We all know them; the most common place for me to see one is on the bus, as it is the form of transport I use most frequently, but they can also be seen on trains, 'planes and myriad other transport media. They are the people that feel they MUST be first on/off said mode of transportation. I don't care too much, 'cause it doesn't really prevent me from alighting as and when I wish to, but it does bug me alot to see people who need to stand by the door of the bus a full three minutes or more just so they can be first off.

Also in this category are people who hog train doors and then press the 'Door Open' button a million times, as if such an act will make it open faster and they can use the 3 seconds it takes for the train to actually come to a complete stop more valuably, somehow. THEY WILL NOT OPEN unless the train is stationary. Now let it be said that some health and safety stuff is bullshit, because it surely is. This however is common sense, no?
(, Mon 19 Oct 2009, 17:34, Reply)

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