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This is a question Conned

swiftyisNOTevil writes, "I have recently become obsessed with the BBC Three show 'The Real Hustle' - personally, I think of it as a 'How To' show for aspiring con artists."

Have you carried out a successful con? Perhaps you hustled a few quid off a stranger, or defrauded a multi-national company. Or have you been taken for the wide-eyed, naive rube that you are?

(, Thu 18 Oct 2007, 13:02)
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High Street Burger Bar Pictures.
I was in such an establishment the other week and thought I'd treat myself to a greasefest for lunch.
The picture above the till showed a thick, juicy burger with a large rasher of smoked bacon, thick slice of melted cheese and dripping out of the side, a chunk of tasty relish, all garnished in a veritable landslide of fries, so I parted with my £7.45

What I got was a sad, joyless slither of beef which was probably the finest cut from the scrotum, what looked like a strip of my granny's buttocks deep-fried in old chip fat but which actually turned out to be very sorry looking bacon, a slice of cheese which bore no earthly resemblance to any cheese I had ever seen, and on lifting the burger bun found the relish masquerading as something which looked like a smear test.

I could've counted the fries on the fingers of 2 hands.

I tried remonstrating with the staff that their advert was misrepresenting the final product, but there was no point. The poor sod behind the counter probably took home in a week what I take home in a day, I had no wish to make his day even less palatable.

I suppose you could argue both he and I were being ripped off.
(, Wed 24 Oct 2007, 9:27, 7 replies)
"something which looked like a smear test"
I'm sorry, but I am going to be ripping off this wonderful expression and using it myself at the earliest available opportunity.
(, Wed 24 Oct 2007, 11:37, closed)
Smear Test
I actually worked in a smear test, erm, factory, yeah, and McDonalds bought smears off us for money for their burgers 100% fact
(, Wed 24 Oct 2007, 12:23, closed)
You should have drawn his attention...
...to the film "Falling Down" before going on a gun rampage through your home town.
(, Wed 24 Oct 2007, 16:20, closed)
That would've been appropriate too.
Since I have a flat-top and NHS glasses.
I actually look like a 1950 american paedophile. Hence my lack of participation in the hotornot phenomenon.
(, Wed 24 Oct 2007, 16:30, closed)
Fast food never looks like the picture
See here for more comparisons
(, Wed 24 Oct 2007, 17:49, closed)
I've just pissed myself laughing at that
Most of those burgers look like a fast food representation of the female pudendae.

I suppose thats why they call 'em Beef Curtains.
(, Wed 24 Oct 2007, 18:20, closed)
evil penguin's link was very accurate
but I liked this link off that reality pic page better:

(it is an accurate sounding description of the side-effects of fat-blocker weight loss pills that is so gross yet so funny)
(, Thu 25 Oct 2007, 4:12, closed)

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