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This is a question Customers from Hell

The customer is always right. And yet, as 'listentomyopinion' writes, this is utter bollocks.

Tell us of the customers who were wrong, wrong, wrong but you still had to smile at (if only to take their money.)

(, Thu 4 Sep 2008, 16:42)
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We hate you white South African bastards.
In mid 80s I worked as a part time barman at a country clubs sports bar. Easy money for a student and most people were fine. The only problem was conferences when the client base was usually jumped up wamkers who worked in sales. Very loadsamoney and finger snapping for service.

Now imagine these sales people were from South Africa, and were quite wealthy, and very used to having people jump to their every need. 'Boy, give me four beers now.' 'Why are you so slow?' and 'Are you stupid? I asked for a ham sandwich.' were some of their more polite comments.

Myself and the girl who worked there got them back. We a put few quid in the jukebox and played The Specials 'Free Nelson Mandela' 36 times in a row.

That fucking showed them.
(, Tue 9 Sep 2008, 17:01, 6 replies)
like it.

(, Tue 9 Sep 2008, 17:06, closed)
Having spent a few months living in pre-enlightened Saf effreeka, I feel compelled to click.

(, Tue 9 Sep 2008, 17:13, closed)
But we've moved on from there, thank God. Now we just have to put up with Thabo Cunthorse Mbeki.
(, Tue 9 Sep 2008, 17:32, closed)
Like it.
(, Tue 9 Sep 2008, 17:48, closed)
You should have gone for
Spitting Image's 'I've Never Met a Nice South African'
(, Tue 9 Sep 2008, 19:09, closed)
easy now
me Mum's South African. And she's nice. Must be cos her Dad was Scottish.
(, Tue 9 Sep 2008, 22:31, closed)

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