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This is a question Darwin Awards

Bluffboy says: My mate cheated death and burned his eyebrows off looking down the barrel of a potato gun. Tell us about your brushes with the Grim Reaper through stupidity.

(, Thu 12 Feb 2009, 20:01)
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Used to do a bit of travelling
Usually around the US. Love the country. To fund my travelling though I'd have to pick up work wherever I could, which usually involved menial construction jobs, labouring etc. Health and safety regs weren't great back then though (this was quite a few years ago). A lot of risks were taken, quite often people got hurt or worse. I remember on one particular job, a new skyscraper that was being built, we used to actually eat our lunch while sitting precariously on a steel girder a thousand feet up. Often ten of us or so on the same girder. Someone took a picture of it once that has since become quite famous. You may have seen it actually
(, Tue 17 Feb 2009, 14:46, 4 replies)
*eases gun barrel into mouth*

*spastically pulls trigger*
(, Tue 17 Feb 2009, 14:48, closed)
(, Tue 17 Feb 2009, 15:26, closed)

(, Tue 17 Feb 2009, 15:43, closed)
and i won't even bother to tell you about the time
i squared up to those tanks whilst visiting taimenen square, because they rolled over my foot and refused to say sorry. you wouldn't believe me
(, Tue 17 Feb 2009, 21:29, closed)

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