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This is a question DIY disasters

I just can't do power tools. They always fly out of control and end up embedded somewhere they shouldn't. I've no idea how I've still got all the appendages I was born with.

Add to that the fact that nothing ends up square, able to support weight or free of sticking-out sharp bits and you can see why I try to avoid DIY.

Tell us of your own DIY disasters.

(, Thu 3 Apr 2008, 17:19)
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DIY Mains...

When I was around five or seven (if memory serves...), I was at my grandparents' and wanted to help them by installing an AC plug in the kitchen.

So, I got my grandfather's set of small screwdrivers (still remember them! :-D ) and properly DRILLED a nice pair of holes in the kitchen's wall! Both holes were of the same diameter (more or less; every work needs a certain tolerance...).
They were just that.

C'mon! HOW could I have done all the electrical wiring? I was a kid...
Mind you, I was keen on details. The kitchen's wall being orange (hey! This was a flat built during the 60s!), I put some red pen all around the holes where the plaster had fell off...

Nice and a great memory.

This post is dedicated to both my grands who are dead now.

Be funky

(, Wed 9 Apr 2008, 10:56, 1 reply)
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of things that make me go 'ahhh....'

Along with kittens kissing puppies, monkey tennis and hippie death.
(, Wed 9 Apr 2008, 10:59, closed)

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