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This is a question Dumped

Ever been dumped by your significant other? Ever been the dumper? What happened?

(, Thu 3 Jan 2013, 12:50)
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I think she was just looking for an excuse
So way back in college I had my first proper Girlfriend and things were grand. The only thing that I annoyed her about was my hair. It was just above shoulder and curly but hey I was a student.

Then one day after getting off the bus feeling like crap I went to meet mates in the pub. Not having time to shit shower or shave I just pulled my hair into a ponytail and headed to the pub.

After a number of pints she walked in seen me and instantly froze. She headed to the girls room and came out and straight over to me.

"can we talk"

and that was that me putting my hair into a ponytail made a girl break up with me.

Oh well guess it was for the better in the end looking back now, A virgin she claimed yet a fist could fit in quite easily!
(, Thu 3 Jan 2013, 14:17, Reply)

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