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This is a question Narrow Escapes

IHateSprouts tells us they once avoided getting caught up in an IRA bomb attack by missing a train. Tell us how you've dodged the Grim Reaper, or simply avoided a bit of trouble.

(, Thu 19 Aug 2010, 12:31)
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I can confirm that one of the British Army's finest 7.62mm bullets makes this sound when it ricochets off concrete at a firing range, rebounds and embeds itself in the wall just centimetres from your head.

Additionally, I can confirm that the exact noise you make in the following seconds is "Gibber-gibber-gibber-ONMYFUCKINGCHRIST-FAAAAAAAAAAAAAARP-gibber"

Also, having let 240 of the Queen's Volts course through my body whilst doing some electrical work in the bathroom, I can confirm that the exact noise you make when things start getting a bit Final Destination in that department is EXACTLY like Brian Blessed gargling Tabasco.
(, Thu 19 Aug 2010, 12:56, 12 replies)
You just wanted to tell this story, didn't you?
*click* anyway, superb!
(, Thu 19 Aug 2010, 12:59, closed)
It was part of the discussion...
...when we talked through the QOTW suggestions this morning, yes.
(, Thu 19 Aug 2010, 13:02, closed)
I can confirm is the sound a rifle bullet makes as it goes over your head when you wonder on to Millpool range aged 13 looking for empty bullet casings not realising that there's a small group of Royal Navy persons shooting that day.
(, Thu 19 Aug 2010, 13:01, closed)
I've worked in the butts at a range
...and even at 300 yards, you get either the crack as the bullets come overhead, or the disconcerting thud as they hit your bunker.

Then there's this time I worked at a Hooray Henry Clay Pigeon Gun Club....
(, Thu 19 Aug 2010, 13:03, closed)
My dad used to shoot a lot at Millpool Range in Bodmin
I used to like being down in the butts because the old guy that looked after the little office bit at the end had stuck porn on the wall and I'd never seen such things before. Nowadays the Internet has ruined such experiences for kids.
(, Thu 19 Aug 2010, 13:08, closed)
Was this some time ago?
The British Army stopped using the 7.62mm round some time ago - when we moved onto the 5.56mm NATO standard round.

The smaller round is (in theory) less likely to kill and more likely to wound thereby inflicting increased strain on an enemy force as it deals with more injuries rather than fatalities.

(, Thu 19 Aug 2010, 14:21, closed)
Yeah, about 1982...
They were just phasing out the 7.62 and the ranges were awash with them.
(, Thu 19 Aug 2010, 14:57, closed)
was it sennybridge?
i was there in 1983 doing live firing with a Bren and my SLR (TA 2 wessex BTLN)when someone accidently discharged their weapon when unloading on the range. It prompted him getting a proper kicking from the NCO's in charge, a lesson i took to heart and was VERY careful about how I looked after my rifle!
(, Thu 19 Aug 2010, 18:54, closed)
RAF Benson
And it was only a 25 yard range. Yoink!
(, Fri 20 Aug 2010, 12:42, closed)
I got my RAF marksman badge at Benson
..probably 1984, on same 25 yard range. One of my mates went a bit mental with a 7.62 and autofired a line of bullets starting near the target and moving up toward the top of the range. The rock ape in charge stomped the rifle out of his hands, picked him up and threw him over the low wall to the side of the range. Class.
(, Sun 22 Aug 2010, 8:06, closed)

They still use 7.62 in the GMPGs as it makes a thud if your suppressing the enemy. And thy've just brought some DMR from the spetics as they realised that its proberly better to have an enemy down for the count rather than carry on running at you.
(, Fri 20 Aug 2010, 12:43, closed)
I clicked the link hoping for youtube (of Brian Blessed, not people getting electrocuted)
(, Thu 19 Aug 2010, 22:43, closed)

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