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This is a question School fights

I don't remember much of the fight - it'd been building for weeks, petty things, knocking over my stuff, calling names - but it didn't last long... He hit me, I hit him, then *whack* he connected with my jaw and it all went black.

Coming round, surrounded by some friends, it was apparently "really cool". All I know is my head hurt. A lot.

Tell us about the legendary fights at school.

(, Fri 10 Mar 2006, 10:43)
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Not really school, and not really a fight...
Y'know what, this probably isn't the place.
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 22:04, Reply)
the ONLY fight ive ever been in
not at school but still legendary....

july 199something 'the mayfair' House of pain concert

some arse starts on a friend of mine (bad idea) cue much posturing and a threat from a bouncer and it calms down after a promise of "after the gig im going outside to wait for and im gonna put you through the shop window next door to venue"

some music and beer later we go to toilet ~ having now forgotten about said promise of fight and being already bruised and battered from mosh pit hi-jinx

picture 3 guys pissing ~ the weakest skinniest i laugh in the face of danger then run like a girl until im far enough away finishes first (yes me) mate 2 is pouring water over his head as he is sweaty...mate 3 is STILL pissing

i go to leave bathroom and am confronted by earleir asshole and his 3 mates....great 4 vs 1/2 so i begin to talk my way out of it...(still dont know if i would have succeeded)

then suddenly i feel a shove from behind as i am pushed out of way by mate 1 as he clobbers this guy he had a prob with then continues to beat the shite out of him as he goes down

the rest of us looked shocked....so i think hang on 4 vs 1 1/2 is better odds and i smack the guy in front of me in the mouth ~ he stands there and looks at me with a did you just hit me or breathe on me look on his face as we hear a loud roar from other end of toliet....

mate 3 ~ still fully exposed and pissing everywhere comes running sown the length of the bathroom and takes out the other two guys and begins kicking crap out of them....

ok i think...im letting the side down here and this guy in front of me is still in some kind of shock (think it was mate 3's penis not my punch though)

so he looks back at me ~ i see a fist clenching so i do what any red blooded male would do....

yes, i kicked him in the nuts...NOW he goes down

we pull mate one off the poor guy who started it and leave

outside is a semi-large police presence....we melt into crowd and leave...

next day at work i see dan, who was also supossedly attenting said concert...he comes over and says did you hear about some fight in the toilets last night at the concert?

i grin...oh yes.....

ya ya length/girth/you love it etc etc
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 21:38, Reply)
Breaktime football
Ok so i was in lower six at school, and not exactly a hard kid but known not to take shit.

I was the kid with long hair who was often called the name of a famous ring bearing fictional character. My mates and i often played football at break times in the playground and i had been away for about a week (kids and truency eh!). When i got back they werent playing football anymore at break and when asked why i was told that kids from the year below were stealing the ball and threating our lads.

My friends are big lads but just not fighters and this other crowd were the "hard" kids in their year.

So my mates agreed to play football that breaktime. All was going well and then once a goal was scored the people i had been warned of took the ball and played a game of keep away by passing it around.

I walked into their circle and asked for the ball, i was refused and walked up to the one with the ball, who kicked it away, i then punched him in the stomach as hard as i could and he went down, i was chuffed. I looked around and the other kids were in disbelief and my mated were looking rather scared. The circle was now smaller but they continued to kick the ball away, my friends didn't come to back me up but now i couldn't lose face and was riding high on my sucess. I saw a pass made and ran at the kid screaming insults like a madman kicked him in the shin and as he bent over smashed his lunch box over his head,the box shattered and he was on floor as well. Now their mates were angry and the circle disapeared leaving one lad to come forward. Not exactly big but well known for his boxing, allegedly the "hardest" kid in his year. He had my ball between his feet and his mates were smiling expecting him to floor me but i could tell he didnt want a fight and when i asked for the ball he gave me it. None of us lost face. We never got any trouble playing football again and i was a god for about two days!
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 21:21, Reply)
I never started a fight (or retailiated I think), but was tormented through
my entire school years.

However, I broke two bones of other people in the process!

Once when a guy was chasing me, and I just kind of gave up and stopped suddenly - he ran into the back of me, fell very awkwardly, and I didn't see him for ages again. I broke his leg /m/

And another time I was in a headlock, and the headlocker's friend kicked me down the stairs and I landed on a girl and broke her arm too. (I felt fucking guilty too!)

I think the only time I "initiated violence" was when there was the usual 'piggy in the middle' with my schoolbag, I was close to tears by this point, and didn't change direction when the bag was thrown, and just jumped straight into the guy! yay flattened!

There were many people at my schools who made my time there absolutely hell (I would actually vomit from nerves), I'm now at uni (it's nice to think where they are too!) and it's still with me! *hermit-boy*
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 21:13, Reply)
Not really a school fight but...
This past summer while in Los Angeles attending a School sponsored Festival called the Jubilee, some Banger-type [Banger(n.,adj.): 1.any one person, usually Black or of Hispanic desent, that LOVES modern hip-hop, is in a street gang, may have a Shaved head and is in ridiculously baggy clothes. 2.The US's Chav. 3.See idiot] came up to me, pushed me and yelled if I wanted to scrap while trying to look tough. I looked at him. Looked at my 6ft. 4in. football player cousin next to me. Pointed at said cousin. Idiot looks at cousin. Then I roundhouse kicked him in the head. He kissed asphalt or should I say KISSED ARSE-FAULT...no, no I really shouldn't.

Some guy got stabbed that same night because he too was looking for a fight. Meh. Cannon fodder.

Lovely days
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 20:32, Reply)
Moral victory
I accused the hardest kid in our year of being not actually that hard, just psycho enough that no one dare challenge him and that actually I was probably harder than he was but I just didn't see the point in fighting(I'd just started experimenting with drugs) This built up over a number of weeks with me managing to talk my way out of a few tight cornerings until one day I noticed a fucking huge crowd gathering to watch me eat my lunch next to the basket ball courts. Out of the crowd steps the man himself.

Yet more fronting up and challenging took place, him obviously looking for the right moment to strike, me trying desperately of thinking what I thought I was doing facing upto a guy who'd had so many fights he'd got vibration white finger. After about 10 minutes of some tight lipped staring he turned around and said "fine, woteva" and just as I thought he was going to walk away he rounded on me fist following and twated me in the jaw. All the power and energy I had was now focused on one thing, don't cry. I hadn't fallen down, due to the suprise nature of his attack, I hadn't had time to react, not even recoil so if I just stood there it might look like it didn't hurt. I waited till he'd gone and enough of his mates had fucked off and slowly walked behind one of the porta-cabins, and started bawling my eyes out, but I was smiling because I hadn't given that little shit the satisfaction.
After lunch, hard boy was missing from registration and then from english, I asked the teacher where the boy was, turns out he broke two fingers and a knuckle. never been in a fight since, but never been afraid of one either.
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 20:22, Reply)
Chip shop fight.
Walking home from school and get cornered by the school psycho and his 'tag along' (soft arse) mates. About this time I'd suffered just enough enough beatings from his hands to understand it's not really the physical pain of the beating its more the humiliation...

Anywas, I'd had a bad day at school... He walks over to me with a steaming hot curry and chips in his hand... Just before he opens his mouth to say something amusing, I wack the chips from his hand into his eyes and face. Then as the soggy carton peels from his face, revealing the mushy (and somewhat hot) mess, I give him a few fast digs right on his nose, sending him sprawling back into his shite-scared mates... I then ran off.

Quite proud of that one realy. :)
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 19:54, Reply)
My brother again.
School football team, our kid's firing up and down the flanks, ripping the proverbial out of the opposition team's left back.

Turns out the left back has leanings of a White Supremacist persuasion, and tells our kid to 'fuck off back to Pakistan' - even though we're more Yorkshire than flat caps (me and our kid being half-asian though, we're hardly inconspicuous).

Next time the Nazi youth has the ball, our kid goes straight through him, breaking the future BNP members ankle, in a 'You'll Never Walk Again' kind of move.

It kicked off royally, kids AND parents scrapping - whilst our kid just stood there, laughing, the fascist left-back suddenly finding his left leg in bits.

(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 19:19, Reply)
not a fight
just attempted murder. some chav cunts disfigured my face because i didnt have any fags and because i was fat. spose i deserved it through lack of nicotine i wa soff school for 3 weeks
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 19:08, Reply)
Got in to a fight at school around GCSE time
I punched the guy in the face lots and hurt my hands.
Then some bloke jumped out of his van and stopped the fight.

I learnt that I didn't know how to punch my way out a paper bag. Took up Thai boxing the following week - not had a fight since.

I got podgy around about the same time I gave training - Hmm, I see no connection.

/Short, salty; but bigger for your sister.
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 19:01, Reply)
two or three
There are a few fights that i've been in that stand out.
The first was half way through primary school. The whole class was outside doing the qualification for the long jump on sports day. Naturally this holds a hyperactive 8 year old's attention for a very short time, and soon me and a bunch of the other boys were doing as boys do and hitting each other. The teacher told us to stop singleing me out and asking me to move. I saw red, and marched over to the teacher and started hitting her (yes it was a woman teacher, no i'm not proud). Soon the other teachers outside were having to pull me off her and I got sent to the headmasters office and suspended for a day.
Another incedent came when my class was out playing rounders for PE. It was my teams turn on the field and I ran for 3rd base, unfortunatly one of my friends also wanted 3rd base, he got there first and I picked up the big metal thing marking the base and smacked him one with it, nearly cracking his rib, needless to say I never got to play 3rd base because i got sent inside.
The last incedent cam in my first year of secondary. In my science class there was a limited number of comfortable stools,so science was always the class we rushed to, to get the comfy stools. One day I was late and another boy got the last comfy stool,so i picked up the nearest uncomfy stool and hit him around the head with it. He picked his stool up and returned the favour, we then used the stools in a sort of sword duel, parrying the other's stool with our own and trying to hit the each other. This lasted about 30 seconds before the teacher walked in.
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 19:00, Reply)
Sweet, sweet justice
Northern grammar school, sixth form - generally very civilised other than the (apparently genuinely) psychotic Tommy Crabtree. Small, blond-haired, incredibly unpleasant all-round cunt, with the unfortunate attribute of a reasonable level of intelligence to add imagination and creativity to his reasonless violence and persecution of others.
At the ad-hoc leaving drinks before A-level study leave, Tommy and his acolytes (generally ok except when they were with him) decides to torment a new target - the very fit, quite quiet and generally pretty 'together' Emily L. She doesn't rise to it - he gets more obnoxious. And more obnoxious. And then pours a drink over her. At which point, Emily calmly picks up the glass she's been drinking from, and breaks it over Tommy's evil little head - not much actual damage other than a severely cut ear, but so, so sweet to see his little cuntish face twisted with pain, fear, shock and rage.
Bet it still rankles being bested by a girl, doesn't it Tommy?
(Apparently he's still a cunt, so have no qualms about not changing his name)
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 18:29, Reply)
I shocked the entire school......
When I was in primary school I was a small, fat lad with a bright blonde flat-top haircut. Bullying material at its best!

Picture this small fat me being picked on for near 6 years because of the way I look...I was not pleased to say the least.

Always a quiet lad I kept myself to myself and never told anyone, not even my parents (it was probably not cool to do this!)

With this pressure building up and up and me getting angrier and angrier I finally let rip when one of the twats in primary 7 introduced my jaw to his face. None pleased I literally turned into a fat,blonde version of the Incredible Hulk and started lifting boys twice my size over my head and throwing them into walls, ramming their heads into concrete pillars, grabbing them by their feet and launching them down a (very steep) hill next to the football pitch.

When I calmed down I realised that I had just completely obliterated the entire primary 7 class consisting of approximately 19 boys (I didn't touch the girls of course)

That is the only time I have ever hit someone in anger in my entire life .

Needless to say I did not have any bother from anyone for the rest of my life :o) although I still have the same temper (slow to build but if I pop: STAY CLEAR!)

Even my son calls me The Hulk which is kinda sweet.

You can say whateve you want about the length, breadth, height or depth of this answer but be warned: Do not make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry....

Love, kisses and hugs

Your Friend

(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 17:59, Reply)
I was never a fighter - I was the one that was bullied
I used to do competitive trampolining, and therefore during trampolining classes in P.E. at school, people would pick on me. Usual stuff - "oh, watch out, you're so skinny you'll go through the holes". "Who do you think you are?" That kind of shit.

One day, it got a bit much, and I was stood on the trampoline coaching one of the bullies. She smacked me as she's coming in to land, so on her next bounce, I kipped her (this is where you land on the trampoline just before the other person) and sent her flying onto the floor where she broke her arm.

My teacher just gave me the thumbs up after class, as she knew I'd done it on purpose.
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 17:51, Reply)
Fight? me - never.
I wasn't in any fights worth mentioning but I was a spectator at one rather impressive one in the playground at Primary School.

To set the scene a bit, this was a rural junior school with a 99% white population and most kids had never seen anyone else from a non-white background. Then, one term, two Thai boys joined the school, one was about 10 and his little brother 6. No one really knew what racism was, but still new kids were new kids.

The 6 year old was tiny for his age & looked a bit weedy, so was of course singled out for a bit of roughing up by his classmates. About 10 or so boys from his year and the year above circled round him in that way that boys do, all were at least a foot taller than him.

Unfortunately for them, he'd been going to kickboxing lessons since (possibly before) he could walk and kicked the shit out of a couple of them before the rest sloped off before they met the same fate.
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 17:28, Reply)
oh so long ago...
it's strange that when i think about this now, it seems like it happened to someone else...
spot of background to set the scenes. me and my mates were into grindcore and punkish type music which necessitated us having long hair and a liberal disregard for school uniform. the first episode was with a guy - let's call him stephen angus for i think that actually was his name - for some reason he was goading me in a technology lesson (ever been taught electronics by a colour blind mad cornish guy? give it a try sometime!) and he offered to cut my hair with either a soldering iron or a pair of pliers. i asked him if he would like me to remove his earring with a pair of pliers. much to-ing and fro-ing ensued. it culminated with him repeatedly punching me in the back while i sat with my friends in a science lesson. he was pummelling away and i sat there and took it. he wasn't really hurting me - eventually some girls told him to stop and he did. he said that he was going to get me after school but he must have balked at the fact that he'd have to work pretty hard to actually catch me (i was the fastest long distance runner that school had ever seen) or work even harder to hurt me. every once i a while i think of this and the person that i am now would have gotten up from that seat and broken him. glad i took the action that i did tho - coz i was never really bothered again. by anyone, strangely.
my other tale isn't quite to lengthy. me and a mutal friend fell out in the playground one day. pushing each other had little efffect so we took to yelling at each other as loud as we could in each others faces. this continued until during one particularly heated moment we connected teeth. i chipped my front tooth slightly, not sure what happened to him, but we both kinda slunk of embarrassed after that, after realising that during the course of that testosterone fuelled display we had very nearly kissed.
ah school days...

i'd apologise about the length/ girth but i like to use it as often as i get the chance.

(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 16:55, Reply)
not so much a fight more just a battering.

some girly kiddy chavs beat me up with a metal pole and rockport boots because the guy walking infront of me didnt give them a fag.

it really hurt.i couldnt sleep for days as my head and back was all brused and split. no-one thought i was cool and chavs still shout abuse and start random fights.
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 16:52, Reply)
Split lip anyone ?
Now normally im not one for fighting in general but being now 6'4 and always pretty tall and well built i knew how to handle myself.

I have a number of stories i could relate but im gonna narrow it down to 3.

1) For some reason there was a kid in the year above me who took it upon himself to "try" and bully me. Cue a few weeks of me puttin up with his shovings and name callings, then one night me and a friend come across him sitting outside the local shop. I call him a twat, he jumps in the air and lands a nice sucker punch on me nose ( cur lots of bleeding) and me over powering him and beating 7 shades of shit out him. It all ended im afraid when his mum came out of the shop and stated screeching and dragged him away*.

2) Night out at 15. Gone to a party and drunk a few too many ciders (no good for your inards kids). Local "hard" kid take a fancy to me and randomly jumps me while walking off. i go to ground and cut my hand on the floor and see red, next i remember being pulled off the kid by some passer by while still lashing out at the bloodied kids face. Got picked up by my nan later that night dirty and covered in blood.....not a word said ( My nans great)

3) thrid and final story was the morning of a G.C.S.E history exam. I felt hungry and wandered to the tuck shop at break to get me some tasty crumpets (odd but they sold crumpets) On route i see the years annoying kid. i think i called him an accident or something, along the lines of "your dad jized on the sofa and mum sat on it" normal teenage insults. He took exception to this comment and began to egg me on to hit him and back my comment up. Him being a great deal smaller than me and sporting a fetching pair of NHS glasses i was a little reluctant. Eventully i just gave in to his request and sparked him straight in the side of the head, down he goes and off i walk to get my crumpets. He comes back for more only this time goes for the kill. God knows how (im not the quickest mover) i dodge his punch to land a tasty reflex punch square in his mouth, sending blood all up my arm and over my face. He had to miss the exam to go and get his lip glued and i got away scott free. The teachers luved me.

The legnth ok, but the girth is all natural baby
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 16:42, Reply)
Well there was one occasion
There had been simmering tension between our school which was a grammar and the local comp for some time, and because kids from both schools took the same bus altercations at the bus stop were becoming more frequent. Eventually we heard through the grapevine that they were going to come down on Friday after school and there was going to be a massive fight. Now our school ran a combined cadet force after school on Fridays, and the deputy head had got wind of this supposed fight, so on that Friday he had the biggest lads in the school in combats, patrolling with L98 rifles. Irrespective of the fact that they weren't even loaded, for some reason the fight never took place...
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 16:29, Reply)
Poke in the eye?
When I moved to America for 5 years, i had the horror of attending a rather rough highschool where i was picked on constantly for being British.

One day- it went too far and one of the school "jocks" decided he was going to square up to me. Knowing full well that his shoe size was probably double his IQ, I stood my ground.

"I'm going to beat you boy, what you going to do about it?"
"This!" I replied, holding my fingers out ready to poke him in both eyes.
The jock immediately put his hands up in front of his nose, stopping any chance of a poke.

So i held both hands out ready to poke him in the each eye with a different hands.
So the dumb jock covered his eyes with his hands.

I kicked him so hard in the nuts, I hear he can no longer have children.

For some reason i never got picked on again
(no apologies for length, im trying to protect it from someone doing it to me)
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 16:12, Reply)
school fights
I only really had one fight. Third year art class, I got seriously p****d off with a guy who we used to call Monty(his last name was Phythian). He was winding me up and we ended up scrapping. I sorted him out though by utilising a big piece of wood (art board) and belting him round the head with it. He went down like a sack of spuds, and everybody avoided me after that.
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 16:08, Reply)
chavvy fucking BASTARD
once pushed some chavvy cunt off the road because she hit me

ended up jarring her neck and getting whiplash

(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 15:23, Reply)
Fighting is just silly and horrid
and people get hurt doing it so just calm down & let's discuss this like civilized peeps.
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 14:51, Reply)
Thomas Chadwick
or "Tom" as he's probably called now. The speccy lanky twat. I used to make his life hell at school. For 7 years ago, no week went by without a random and senseless attack by me. I made his life a fucking misery and I loved it. It makes me laugh even now. I imagine him crying now in the arms of his big gay boyfriend. I bullied him like no one has ever been bullied before and I regret it not one bit. There was no point to it Chaddy, I'm not sorry in the slightest. I loved it. I hope you are now a depressed person and unable to form proper meaningful relationships with anyone. I sincerely mean it. I would consider my life complete if that were the case.

Fights? Not really. Just one-sided beatings. Oh yes.

Paul Titterton.

Dont take the piss out of my name.

(poynton county high school)
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 14:17, Reply)
Various fights
I always thought that you had to have a decent fight at the start of any school you went to to make people stay away from you.

cue reception @ 5yrs of age:

Walk into the classroom on first day of school and instantly start playing in sand pit right by the door. One of the stupidest and weediest kids i knew from my neighbourhood (our mums were good friends) decided to be his usual arsehole self(i might not have known at that age but it became very apparent years on) and get a big scoop of sand and pour it down my back. Me sees red and starts trying to strangle the kid and hit him the best a 5yr old can. Considering this was the first day of school where we got to meet people and teachers, it was just an acitivity day, and so i was made to sit on the carpeted area all day making necklaces with the teacher. Great

You need to bear in mind that i'm actually that annoying kid who's the teachers pet and loved by all the staff at this point, the kid who never does anything wrong, this stayed with me from reception straight through to ... errr... possibly still there :$
And although i was tiny and weedy and skinny in primary school, i got much bigger at high-school and was better equipped to look after myself, even if it was more fat than muscle at the time...

fast forward 2 years:
Bell goes for end of break, everyone runs to edge of playground to line-up to go in. A kid i didn't particulary like pushed in front of me. I hated this, strangely saw red and went psycho at him. I think i just started screaming and ripping chunks of hair out of his head. I was pulled off by two dinner-ladies and made to stand against the wall until the headmaster had time to see me.

Start of high-school now:
Biggest bully in the entire year, everyone scared of him, he was in my form. He never really had a problem for me until one day i stuck up for some weedy kid i didn't really like cos he was getting bullied by him. Bully not like me anymore and has issues. Being the gobby person i am, i taunted him over and over till it came to the crux. He went to punch my face in (he was built like a brick shithouse and size to match), i moved n missed his punch, tripped him up n pushed him to ground n threw in a few kicks for good measure and told him what for with that gobby mouth of mine. He was my best friend for the rest of the year, till i moved house and school.

year 8:
one of my best friends decided to start having a go at me over a period of 2 weeks or so. He was quite weedy but could build up quite a temper on him. I tended to walk away from fights as i didn't like them much and although i felt i could handle myself if it came to it, i'd just rather not. He was shouting abuse at me and i walked off, he followed. Being the miserable day it was, there were about 200 people packed into this tiny area inside where there were vending machines. He follows me in and starts a fight on me. I let him hit me a couple of times and told him he was just making a scene. Then i grabbed his hand when he next went to hit me and twisted it right round and using same hand i grabbed it with, started to bend his wrist further and further back. He was almost doubled over but still shouting obscenities and trying to hit or kick me. I blocked what he sent my way and kept my calm. Kept asking him if he had finished yet in a repeating monotone voice. He had tears streaming and was still shouting at me. I mean, he was a friend and so i felt sorry for him, but he'd pissed me off n was trying to hurt me. Anyways, end of fight, after having an end number of 300 odd people chanting my name and various things like 'kick him' or 'hit him' the bell goes for end of lunch, i let him go and walk off to a cheer from all those onlookers. I went to class as normal. Friend doesn't show. I get called to the year head. "????? would like to make friends with oyu, please shake his hand and do so". i shook his hand nonchalantly and was let off.

Pathetic stories i know, but you did ask.

'Generic length quote'
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 14:07, Reply)
Once upon a time
at school, I was fighting in the common room and all was fairly evenly matched until a teacher walked in and broke us up.

the lad I had been fighting, Robert James, quickley told the teacher, Mr James, that it was all my fault, and what chance did I have at arguing that point?
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 14:04, Reply)
During a mock fight,
I once pinned my cousin to the ground. With a pitchfork, through his foot. He wasn't impressed.
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 13:12, Reply)
two more, why not...
in the sixth form I had a friend called Andy. We used to have mock fights all the time and here are a couple of instances where it got out of hand...

Fighting in the study room - a fairly small room with ten 'study carrels' (a bit like this but more flimsy) and a blackboard. He picked me up and rubbed me against the blackboard, covering me in chalk. I saw red and hurled him across the room smashing two of these study carrels. Both of us had that look on our faces - the I've-just-shit-my-pants-in-public face - and decided it would be best to go and own up to the head of year. Of course, we made up some lie about walking into each other and falling over, but that's the way these things go.

Fighting in the deputy head's office. We were due to have a philosophy lesson with the DH when Andy says to me, "Fancy a fight?". Stupidly I said yes. Cut to the two of us rolling around on the floor grappling each other trying to mark each other's faces with official rubber stamps. Then the DH walks in. We didn't get in trouble because we got on really well with him, in fact he just laughed and told us to get up. Ah, the good old days.
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 12:53, Reply)

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