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This is a question Guilty Laughs

Are you the kind of person who laughs when they see a cat getting run over? Tell us about the times your sense of humour has gone beyond taste and decency.

Suggested by SnowyTheRabbit

(, Thu 22 Jul 2010, 15:19)
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/edit - bugger it, third.

Ok, my guilty laugh?

Seeing a blind man fall into a hole that had a workman in it. The workman had watched him tap his way up the road, following his guide dog.

His response after being challenged by my mother as to why he failed to stop the visually-impaired gent toppling base-over-apex into a five foot deep trench?

"Didn't he see the signs?"

I could barely hold the tears of laughter in. I'm going to hell...
(, Thu 22 Jul 2010, 15:22, 3 replies)
What was the point of the stick then?

(, Thu 22 Jul 2010, 16:08, closed)
the dog should have been shot for that

(, Thu 22 Jul 2010, 16:18, closed)
but the dog went round the hole and the blind guy tended to use his stick and just take the dog for a walk. I think he used it more for company, to be honest.

I haven't seen him for a while, as I moved away, but he's probably in a home by now - he must have been in his 70s when he decided to go on this subterranean adventure...
(, Tue 27 Jul 2010, 14:41, closed)

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