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This is a question Guilty Pleasures

You know, those little things you do when nobody else is around. OK so some of them are rude, but we reckon there are a whole lot more innocent ones out there: my g/f this morning admitted to climbing the stairs on all fours when I wasn't around, and loving it...

(, Thu 7 Apr 2005, 9:11)
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not really guilty
but runnin all around my town with my player on top volume, listnin to the god of all music (in my humble oppinion) Led Zeppelin and completely air guitaring and jumpin around every step of the way, sometimes for like 4 hours straight, at least untuill i have convinced a good portion of my town taht i am criminally insane

"and those that were dancing were thought mad by those that could not hear the music"


i just found out yesterday that i have every single one of their songs ever made, including BBC Seccions and a bunch that never were released along with stuff they did with pink floyd. ::grins::

(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 20:07, Reply)
Hot Chocolate
No, not the pop group from way back...

Whenever I make hot chocolate using the powder stuff, usually Cadbury's, I love to eat spoonfulls of just the powder. When it mixes with the saliva in your mouth in turns into a gorgeous chocolatie paste. Honestly, you guys should try it. Not the ladies, we all know you eat loads of chocolate anyway.

(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 20:02, Reply)
I Love
letting my legs get really hairy, and leaving then for ages, then shaving, the feeling of the smooth skin is just amazing, oh yeah and reading Harry Potter whilst taking a shit, lol.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 19:51, Reply)
Magpies...like you could'nt of guessed
As well as 'Good morning Mr. Magpie hows your wife' and saluting, the number of magpies determines the day I'm going to have:

1 for sorrow
2 for joy
3 for a girl
4 for a boy
5 for silver
6 for gold
7 for a secret never to be told

So Friday i saw 1 and had a terrible day, Saturaday i saw 6 and won a bet on the Grand National, Sunday i saw 4 - my ex b'f call me and on Monday i saw 2 and had a fab day.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 19:32, Reply)
file sharing
remember the old days of kazaa etc when you chose what to share, how many idiots inadvertantly shared their entire hard disk, answer - loads
quick search for autoexec, and then "view other files" when you found a user sharing it, often brought up a range of personal photos that just had to be downloaded. Also, a search for common digital camera prefixes such as dcp, dsc and img brought interesting restults if you got a load come up from the same user, got a cd and half full of them LOL
Amazing the things people take photos of, that they think will never see the light of day!
Guilty - nah!
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 18:49, Reply)
Whenever i'm rolling a doob, I always put a little more of the good stuff near the top.

I therefore (as joint roller) get first first toot, and slightly more than the rest.

I think everyone does it a little bit, but I still get a twinge of guilt about robbing a bit more than everyone. Still, more for me.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 18:48, Reply)
Bastardising all children's songs by inserting the word 'poo'
When I sing songs to my kids I sometimes fuel their toilet humour by inserting the word 'poo' at inopportune moments, i.e. The Barney song

I love poo, poo love's me
We're a happy family, etc,

The kids love it, and can't stop laughing.

My two year old made up her own version of 'found a peanut' - and sings 'Found a poo-poo, ate the poo-poo, got a tummy ache', etc, etc.

When they make up their own versions and people are listening, I make loud tutting noises and criticise them for being toilet fixated.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 18:12, Reply)
Strangers reunited
I check out girls I speak to on the phone at work on Friends Reunited, to see if they posted photos and are fit. (Never had any success yet.)

Hey Scoobs - do you live in Cholsey? I'm quite nearby!

(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 18:05, Reply)
I Fucking Love
Lacing shoes, i do it to mine about 5 times a day. when i'm in shoe shops i go around lacing display shoes and tying big bows on them.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 17:49, Reply)
Eating frozen food, whilst still frozen
Like when you get those frozen potato products like oven chips and all other varieties.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 17:37, Reply)
I used to be able to make voices speak in my head
I stopped doing it when I realised it was probably bad for me.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 17:27, Reply)
I love eating icing sugar, I started sneaking a spoonful from the packet as a kid, I love it when it turns from powder to liquid in your mouth hmmmm.

Then I moved out and realised I didn't have to be so sneaky...So I used to make bowls of it and just chomp the lot. Hmmmmm I haven't done that in ages, Tesco after work methinks...
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 17:21, Reply)
Air Drumming.....
Like a total spaz.

Mainly when driving. I once bruised my knuckles by smashing my hand into the rear view mirror.....
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 17:13, Reply)
im a sick sick child
pick my boogers and eat them
practice oral sex on a banana
put finger up ass to smell

and many other dirty things
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 17:13, Reply)
i have an old walkie talkie in my car
and when i am in traffic i pretend i am talking to someone saying various military phrases.
if a car cuts me up or someone looks dodgy i will pretend to follow them while talking.
you can get some great reactions from them especially if they was speeding or have an illegal number plate. i once made someone crash trying to lose me.
i know its sad but its fucking top banana.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 17:11, Reply)
When i am on the train or a coach or something along those lines i listen to other peoples conversations and make up imaginary people in my head from what they say. I once met this girl called Cathy who was thinking of buying a ford ka because the insurance is much cheaper and because her parents were paying for the insurance she didn't want them to be paying too much... she has a brother called james, he doesn't eat much and weights about 9 stone even though he's about 6 ft. the doctor thinks he mgiht be anorexic but its not too serious. anyway im worrying myself now.

I also like to imagine people are being killed when they are talking to me especially when they are very boring or annoying.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 16:57, Reply)
Xbox Memory Card Slots
Always smell new...
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 16:56, Reply)
In a similar vein to Nappy Rash
My dad often answers the phone and says, in the campest customer services voice he can muster: "Cholsey Ku Klux Klan, Grand Wizard speaking, how can I help?"
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 16:37, Reply)
horrible but....
Wiping bogeys in public places, such as on clothes in shops, on esculator hand rails, door handles.....

I might try the added pooh on the bog roll, but think it would incur an "all employees email" about hygene.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 16:28, Reply)
Why don't you spool out the toilet paper, wipe your arse on it, and then reel it back in? It'd give someone a very nasty shock! :)
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 16:17, Reply)
making the instrument noises
While me and my mates listen to bohemian rhapsody when we go out.
Im well known for doing the 'billiabong!' after
"Too late, my time has come"
"Send shivers down my spine" 'billiabong!'
"Body's aching all the time"

Oh and I still bite and eat my nails as long as they are clean :P
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 15:47, Reply)
After i've informed a wrong number phone caller
that they have the wrong number; most always respond by saying "sorry to have bothered you."
To which i always reply "Oh, thats ok the phone was ringing anyway."

I've been doing this for nearly 20 years, and it never bores me.

I love getting wrong numbers.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 15:41, Reply)
Cruel fun..
In the toilets at work the toilet roll holders are the type that totaly enclose the bog roll so you cant see how much is left.
I like to remove all the bog roll so that there is just one sheet hanging down for the next unsuspecting user.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 15:40, Reply)
Looking at online photo albums
of complete strangers
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 15:21, Reply)
Jumping on my bed
And shouting 'boing' on each bounce
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 15:20, Reply)
Sneaking upstairs
for a naughty thomas-the-tank over some ugly internet smut, when I have an incredibly dishy girlfriend downstairs who is usually up for a bit of rude stuff.

Very guilty, and a bit self-defeating really..
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 15:20, Reply)
i like to take the bottom basket out of my freezer, take out everything inside it, plunge it into my sink and observe my washing up underwater
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 14:39, Reply)
Arguing on the Internet
I know, I know; it's like competing in the special olympics.

But there is something utterly delightful about taking an ignorant statement made by a fucktard, sytematically dismantling everything about it, and watching said 'tard being gradually reduced to a squalling, squealing mess.

I can't decide if I'm a bad man, or just a sad one.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 14:27, Reply)
Making stupid faces at the mirror, when alone in the lift, to crack myself up. Then turning around sharply and pretending nothing's been going on, when it stops at a floor to let people on.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 14:03, Reply)
pick pick pick
I pick everything, paint off walls, scabs, sunburnt skin - not just mine either, nothing more satisfying than sitting pulling strips of skin off someone else's back, the peeling sound is second to none, any dry skin, i put nail varnish on...just so i can pick it off, I have favourite peely nailvarnishes for different moods...
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 13:58, Reply)

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