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This is a question Home Science

Have you split the atom in your kitchen? Made your own fireworks? Fired a bacon rocket through your window?
We love home science experiments - tell us about your best, preferably with instructions.

Extra points for lost eyebrows / nasal hair / limbs

(, Thu 9 Aug 2012, 17:25)
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Home science CHALLENGE
I still haven't got round to this, but I have been plotting for years to answer the question mankind really must know:

"If you ate one chip a minute, how long could you keep going for?"

I reckon with a bag of oven chips and a careful "one in, one out" production line in the oven, we could finally crack this question, but I'm too lazy to do it myself. Thought I'd bung it here and see if anyone else can be bothered?
(, Fri 10 Aug 2012, 13:33, 3 replies)
I would, but I don't like the idea of going without sleep and shitting on a conveyor belt that leads to the toilet

(, Fri 10 Aug 2012, 13:39, closed)
I'd pay good money for something like that.
(, Fri 10 Aug 2012, 13:57, closed)

for to watch
(, Fri 10 Aug 2012, 13:59, closed)

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