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This is a question Hypocrisy

Overheard the other day: "I've told you before - stop swearing in front of the kids, for fuck's sake." Your tales of double standards please.

(, Thu 19 Feb 2009, 12:21)
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They always say they want a nice guy.

Do they fuck! They want a good looking guy who they'll rush into bed, he'll move on and get another girl because he can and is usual a twat because of this.

Whereas the nice guys who the majority of the time get no attention, lack confidence and don't think with their dicks and don't want to sleep with a girl on a first meeting. The woman usually interprets this as the guy not liking her. Crazy idea but some guys like to be friends with a girl before he makes a move. See what her personalities like.

The old saying really is true. Nice guys do finish last.
(, Sat 21 Feb 2009, 20:25, 20 replies)
a nice guy and I finish first (as Mrs Kite often reminds me...)
(, Sat 21 Feb 2009, 20:35, closed)
That might be so,
but how long was it before you first finished?
(, Sat 21 Feb 2009, 20:38, closed)
How long was it?
That's rather a personal question.
(, Sun 22 Feb 2009, 0:24, closed)
I wasn't really expecting an answer!!
besides we're always asking about length.
(, Sun 22 Feb 2009, 1:01, closed)
Can't you be a nice guy
and want to get laid on first meeting someone?
(, Sat 21 Feb 2009, 20:50, closed)
Kinda true..
I was going to write a really nice post about how your female peers change as they got older.

But after recent experiences and really f*cked up point in my life, I'm going to say: Be happy that they like the arseholes, because as soon as they don't like the arseholes they will be looking at the 'nice guy' for babies!
Yes, you!

Actually, that's not strictly true. In my experience, anywhere between the age of 19 and 23/24ish is brilliant. Past the 'I like c*nts' stage and before the 'I wanna baby before it's too late and my ovaries dry up it's ok for you you can still keep producing sperm in to your 60's and if you don't want one right now then when? All of my friends have had at least one and one is having IVF because she's in her mid thirties and can't do it naturally anymore and I don't want to have to do that can I come off the pill can we have a child we have a spare room you'd be a great dad you have to stop spunking your money on booze and fishing gear if we're to be together...'

Lack of punctuation deliberate.

Don't be the nice guy, they just want to have babies with you.
(, Sat 21 Feb 2009, 20:52, closed)
Men with exterior motives.
Who try and "be-friend" women when they only have the intention of being romantically linked with them.
Just kidding :D
(, Sat 21 Feb 2009, 20:53, closed)
www.heartless-bitches.com/rants/niceguys/niceguys.shtml and also
(, Sat 21 Feb 2009, 21:10, closed)
Love that first one, harsh but spot on.
Second one not so much, too much nonsense like "get in touch with the raw, physical energy that is an essential element of a well-rounded man" Better advice would be just to live a little, don't worry about it and you'll build up confidence in your own time.
(, Sat 21 Feb 2009, 22:21, closed)
I read the second one as quite tongue-in-cheek
although I suppose it is a bit cheesy if you read it straight :)
(, Sun 22 Feb 2009, 1:01, closed)
But I dont like myself....
(, Sun 22 Feb 2009, 12:26, closed)
Because all women are claerly all the fucking same. Just like men are all the same.

I have this crazy thing where I like some guys who I just happen to click with. It takes some people longer than others to find that.
(, Sat 21 Feb 2009, 23:16, closed)
Indeed, and that's because "nice guys" are (for the most part) massive walking vaginas.

(, Sat 21 Feb 2009, 23:17, closed)
(, Sun 22 Feb 2009, 0:35, closed)
And what's wrong with vaginas? I happen to think they're great.
(, Sun 22 Feb 2009, 1:02, closed)
Dizzy bitches.
Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen. There's a lot of truth in that. (Funny old world). Feminist fruitcakes- go back to the cave and discover fire (after a man's shown you how :)
(, Sat 21 Feb 2009, 23:21, closed)
Don't hate the playas
Hate the game! Or play it.
(, Sun 22 Feb 2009, 3:33, closed)
All men are crap.
Just some men are less crap than others.

Having been in relationships with both sexes. I can say this with impunity. Why am I now back dating guys I hear you ask?

I'm a masochist.
(, Sun 22 Feb 2009, 8:56, closed)
Maybe it's the fact that
you are a ranga that women don't like you?
(, Sun 22 Feb 2009, 21:14, closed)
I'm not going to deny it's a possibility.
Besides let's not forget, I'm ginger.
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 0:23, closed)

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