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This is a question I hurt my rude bits

Spent all day with a sore bum, went to the loo to check it out and found blood in my pants. Not good. Piles? Checked in the shower and pulled a staple from my arse. Serves me right for leaving an old pencil case in my underwear drawer. BTW: On relating this story to a friend they said, "some people will do anything for a prick up their bottom."

(, Thu 13 Jul 2006, 22:00)
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Somebody call a paramedic!
Not actually my story, but I was there to witness the events...

Playing footy on a cold january day, one of my fellow defenders received what can only be called "a kick in the knackers". He eventually gets back up and we play on. After a couple of minutes, one of the opposing side turned to him and pointed out that the front of his shorts were somewhat bloody. The victim merely stated that he knew, but was afraid to look.

During the post match shower, his dick started to resemble a lightbulb, so off to the hospital he went. We, being considerate team members, buggered off to the pub.

Turns out that he had split the shaft, though not too seriously. This apparently is a fairly uncommon injury, so whilst in the hospital, the doctor asked if he could show someone else as it was rare. Expecting an expert to come in, the victim was somewhat surprised to find a group of 20 medical students poking at this privates for about half and hour!

The only comment he made afterwards was that his missus was going to kill him, but he hoped the swelling would remain...
(, Mon 17 Jul 2006, 12:51, Reply)

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