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This is a question Mix Tapes

Everyone's made a mix tape (or CD, USB stick, or whatever kids do these days). Mostly to get in someone else's pants, but we're sure there are other, lesser, reasons too.

So, who did you make it for and why?
And... what was on it?

(, Thu 7 Feb 2008, 13:41)
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Mix tape from Hell
Back in early '92, I split with my then girlfriend after we had been together for about 2 years.She, unfortunately took it rather badly and proceeded to turn up wherever I went and just hang about. Come Valentine's Day the postman delivers a small parcel roughly about A4 size. I opened the parcel and there was a Valentines card from my ex, adorned with hearts and about a million kisses. There was also a cassette in a box with a note attached which read "Hope you listen to this and think of me and the good times we had together" What followed was a gruesome mix of hideous ballads from around that time, I can't remember them all, but the following ones were there.

Bryan Adams - Everything I Do.
Extreme - More Than Words
Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody
Diana Ross - When You Tell Me That You Love Me
Roxette - Spending My Time

....need I continue?

Did it make me remember the good times and go back to her? Not likely, I did what anyone would do and went out with her best friend.
(, Mon 11 Feb 2008, 13:21, Reply)

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