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This is a question It's Not What It Looks Like!

Cawl wrote two years ago, "People seem to have a knack for walking in at just the wrong time:
"Well, my clothes got wet, so did his... Yes, officer, huddling together to conserve body heat... Yes officer, he's five... No Officer... I'm not his Dad."

What have you done that, in retrospect, you'd really rather nobody had seen, mostly as things just get worse the more you try to explain it?

(, Thu 9 Dec 2010, 21:56)
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I always like to.....
Polish a glass under the table (in a wanking motion) whilst staring at ladies / kids / young boys etc, and when the inevitable look of disgust appears, gently raise the glass to the light.
(, Fri 10 Dec 2010, 14:50, 7 replies)
what, always?

(, Fri 10 Dec 2010, 16:01, closed)
With no hands?
(, Fri 10 Dec 2010, 16:35, closed)
You like to make young boys thing you're wanking at them?
(, Fri 10 Dec 2010, 17:25, closed)
I hope you realise that it could ruin your life?
While most people may find it either vaguelly amusing or just think you're a bit crude (personally I think I may steal the idea for use on flirty women I know) it only takes one person to report it, and some witnesses, and you're up in court for being sexually suggestive to a child. I'll admit finding an offence to charge you with may be tricky but I know I wouldn't take that chance.
A joke's not worth risking having "NONCE" sprayed on your over-ten-miles-from-a-school hovel.
(, Fri 10 Dec 2010, 17:43, closed)
I think...
...you're my hero. Hilarious!
(, Fri 10 Dec 2010, 18:11, closed)
I don't know why people are getting so antsy above.
The point of this is that if the people the other side of the table think you're doing something untoward that's their own dirty minds working overtime! Perfectly safe and genius, it'll give people a laugh.
(, Fri 10 Dec 2010, 19:21, closed)
I acctualy think it sounds like a fun thing to do.
But, unless the young boy is one you know and trust then it could end in tears. It is not necessarily legal to make sexual gestures towards young children in today's "pedo" obsessed society.
(, Sat 11 Dec 2010, 11:47, closed)

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