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Are you a QOTWer? Do you want to start a thread that isn't a direct answer to the current QOTW? Then this place, gentle poster, is your friend.

(, Sun 1 Apr 2001, 1:00)
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Er, what?
A lot of shit on offtopic? I got pretty much blasted on /talk a few years back for being a whingy twat, if that's what you mean.
(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 22:34, Reply)
Are you BatShitMentalist?

(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 22:35, Reply)
No no no.
I used to be BatDyke until I shortened it.

As I say, /talk regular until they and I decided I wasn't. To be fair I was a twat, like I say.
(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 22:36, Reply)
What made you el twatto?

(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 22:45, Reply)
I was a teenager and trying ever so hard to be cool.
I should think I wouldn't have liked me either, I was all 'LOOK I'M DIFFERENT!'. Also many of the /talk in-jokes went over my head so I wasn't finding it that enjoyable. Which I guess is sour grapes.
(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 22:49, Reply)
You should gaz Free Fair.
He might do well to listen to you.
(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 22:50, Reply)
Is this another me?
You know, 'Check me out, I'm on b3ta and that makes me COOL' types?
(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 22:52, Reply)
He's a dickhead.
A 16 year old Tory.

And a dickhead.
(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 22:53, Reply)
I work with one of those.
'Oh Cameron is just trying his best, benefits claimants are just scroungers'. He doesn't appreciate my sarcasm.
(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 22:59, Reply)
Cameron is a dangerous amateur.

(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 23:03, Reply)
I like the photoshopped Tory election poster
picture of Cameron with caption: "I love the NHS so much I want to smash it into pieces and give them to my rich friends."
(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 23:21, Reply)
Haha way of the mark there, I reckon ;)
None of the telltale signs, or anything!
(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 22:47, Reply)
Not offered bumhole shots, then?

(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 22:49, Reply)
Ew, BSM did that shit?
That's nasty.

AND you confused me for them?!
(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 22:50, Reply)
Nah, I was all bullshit conjecture.
The way things tend to get on t'interwebz.
(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 23:18, Reply)
That was always my opening line when recruiting new staff
Welcome to O/T.
(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 22:41, Reply)

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