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(, Sun 1 Apr 2001, 1:00)
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French electro then.

(, Wed 18 Apr 2012, 13:32, Reply)
see "nu" before?
this also applies to "french" in music.
(, Wed 18 Apr 2012, 13:33, Reply)
Nope not having that at all.
Some of the best DJs and producers ever are/were French. I'd do anything to be a Parisian, it's the only way I could be cooler than I am currently.
(, Wed 18 Apr 2012, 13:41, Reply)
Almost none of them have felt the need to place the word "french" in the description of their music though
which would be my point.

French DJ that happens to play house? fine. If they describe their music as "French House" or something though, it'll be shit.

Barry, you could only be cooler if you were trapped inside an iceberg. You're so hip I'm amazed breathing isn't too mainstream for you, mate.
(, Wed 18 Apr 2012, 13:46, Reply)
I wasn't calling the music French electro.
I meant I was going to listen to electro music that has been made by people from France. Seeing as the playlist consists purely of French artists it made sense at the time.
(, Wed 18 Apr 2012, 13:50, Reply)
right so.

(, Wed 18 Apr 2012, 13:56, Reply)
Yť-yť music from the 60s is generally ace.
(, Wed 18 Apr 2012, 13:43, Reply)
see above.
was it called "french ye-ye music" ?
(, Wed 18 Apr 2012, 13:47, Reply)
It is from France
And is more commonly known in this country (by me at least) as Frenchpop.
(, Wed 18 Apr 2012, 13:50, Reply)
dammit, tangles.
I can't be expected to produce crass generalisations that also take account of your personal phraseology.
(, Wed 18 Apr 2012, 13:53, Reply)
You're a man of science, badge
At the very least I'd expect you to make some allowances for the sorts of things I might say.
(, Wed 18 Apr 2012, 13:57, Reply)

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