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Are you a QOTWer? Do you want to start a thread that isn't a direct answer to the current QOTW? Then this place, gentle poster, is your friend.

(, Sun 1 Apr 2001, 1:00)
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Weekend plans for your weakened glans?
I'm going to taker the missus out for a nice meal then savagely penetrate her with my throbbing, circumcised... debate points about politics n' that.

Also, anyone who's up north might get to see the aura of Boris in the night sky. Lucky!
(, Fri 16 Feb 2018, 8:32, Reply)
Off to the soon to be in-laws tonight
Spending the weekend sorting out favours boxes and all shit like that, then the final reading of the Banns on Sunday. Yay(!)
(, Fri 16 Feb 2018, 9:33, Reply)
Have you had your stag do yet?
I've stopped going to them, the last two I was invited on were basically 4 day holidays.
(, Fri 16 Feb 2018, 11:25, Reply)
Aye, had it at the beginning of the month
Was a superb weekend in Chester
(, Fri 16 Feb 2018, 12:50, Reply)
We went camping for
a Sat morning to Sun afternoon for my mates first wedding. 30 hours of massive drugs, alcohol and no sleep later, one of the guys was trying to steady himself on an electrified fence. He kept getting shocked but didn't know what was happening - amazing facial expressions.

What did you do?
(, Fri 16 Feb 2018, 13:03, Reply)
Beer tasting, massive meat dinner, and a shitload of drinking
Nothing too out of the ordinary, really.
(, Fri 16 Feb 2018, 16:20, Reply)
this weekend im going to black power fist myself

(, Fri 16 Feb 2018, 18:22, Reply)
Malcolm Sex.

(, Fri 16 Feb 2018, 23:13, Reply)
Going to Plymouth
For the gin, the music and the lols.
(, Sun 18 Feb 2018, 7:35, Reply)

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