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This is a question Personal Ads

A somewhat shocked friend writes, "I did not realise it is considered de rigeur to send a cock shot with the first email."

Welcome to the world of personal ads. How deep down the rabbit hole have you gone?

(, Thu 13 Sep 2007, 15:01)
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I was gonna mention...
....about the horrible rash I got round my mouth when I was about 18 after giving the finest head to a delightful girl of loose morals...We did a band photo shoot a few days later and they had to rearrange the whole of the lighting in the studio to put the right side of my face into shadow and cover the scabbing up. Delish.

I was gonna ask if that counted as green wings?

But then I remembered that people can now put a face to the story.

I wonder if this HoN thing will put people off being as honest and up-front as they once were when they had total anonimity?

I also thought that mentioning my story, HoN, nor any colour of the wings rainbow has anything to do with the topic of this week's QOTW so I withdrew my whole post.

oh shit
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 16:54, Reply)
Thank you but no! I've never had any sort of STD, and would really rather keep it that way!

Faugh, but you folks have some strange terms for things...
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 16:35, Reply)
Cabin Fever
Anyone seen the film 'Cabin Fever'? Theres a bit where some guy is getting frisky with one of the ladies of the group only to discover he's been fingering her decomposing thigh (she moans coz she loves it!)

Q: If he went straight in with the pork sword, what wings would they have been?
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 16:34, Reply)
Red and white
no brown or green, and the chances of getting either of those are slim, indeed
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 16:32, Reply)
Oh my mistake.....
....said the Dalek climbing up a dustbin.
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 16:31, Reply)
not me
I'm nice and fresh and fresh and clean.

No green for me!
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 16:31, Reply)
Wings . . .
Red and Brown here but no green
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 16:31, Reply)
Green Wings
refer to STD's...

'Cos your bits go green (apparantly)
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 16:28, Reply)
Green Wings
Are where you catch a nasty disease from bumping uglies !
Or at least bump uglies with a disease ridden person.

EDIT: www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Green+Wings

EDIT 2 : No, I don't have my Green Wings before anybody asks - though I have just been awarded my Brown ones after years of failed attempts - Woo !
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 16:27, Reply)
One hopes
that "green wings" doesn't refer to nasal sex.

The participants in such a thing would both be creatures to be pitied.
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 16:25, Reply)
Green wings?
Is that from shagging Alan Titchmarsh?
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 16:24, Reply)
Green Wings??
WTF is "Green Wings"?
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 16:24, Reply)
i know not
what green wingss are :(
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 16:24, Reply)
Let's talk about something else...
anyone had their green wings?

I haven't!
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 16:21, Reply)
This is going on a bit . . .
Said the actress to the Bishop
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 16:12, Reply)
I wish I'd kept my mouth shut.

As the showgirl said to the bishop.
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 16:00, Reply)
Im sure you'd still get cock pics tho
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 15:59, Reply)
Always wanted to.....
put in an ad in the personal that says


(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 15:58, Reply)
Pirate apocalypse
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 15:55, Reply)
Master Bates
That was another one! arr arrr arrrr
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 15:51, Reply)
What do you call a paedophile pirate?
Arrr Kelly
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 15:51, Reply)
Why are Pirates so cool?
They just Arrrr.
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 15:50, Reply)
Boiling Beetroots ?
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 15:50, Reply)
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 15:49, Reply)
Pirates Day
My father, in the good ol' 1970s used to refer to 'the still and sugar loaf' pub in Cambridge as the 'pirates bar' on account of the amount of uphill gardeners who frequented it.

He, I hasten to add, did not frequent it, merely poked fun at it as anyone should.
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 15:49, Reply)
Don't know but . . .
There must be a reference to a one-eyed pirate in there somewhere

EDIT - oooooarrrrr!
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 15:46, Reply)
Oh aye...
...one buxom wench preferred jollyin' me roger whilst showin' the red flag. But she were kindly enough to insist I not look down until she'd swabbed me decks first...

Still, it scuttled me appetite to contemplate...
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 15:46, Reply)
Welcome Aboard
Yep, dear old Seaman Stains, Roger the Cabin Boy, and what were the other ones?

*EDIT* Master Bates
Yes, I know it's all urban legend, they were never called this...but it's Pirates Day!
(, Wed 19 Sep 2007, 15:43, Reply)

This question is now closed.

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