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This is a question Phobias

What gives you the heebie-jeebies?

It's a bit strong to call this a phobia, but for me it's the thought of biting into a dry flannel. I've no idea why I'd ever want to or even get the opportunity to do so, seeing as I don't own one, but it makes my teeth hurt to think about it. *ewww*

Tell us what innocent things make you go pale, wobbly and send shivers down your spine.

(, Thu 10 Apr 2008, 13:34)
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you really do have it rough, don't you?

I also avoid occupied aisles, but mostly because the other shoppers are IDIOTS who ram their trolleys into my ankles, loiter in an obstructing manner for hours in front of the spaghetti, and allow their screaming sugar-saturated brats the run of the place. I hate being poor. I bet it's not like that in Waitrose.
(, Tue 15 Apr 2008, 10:48, Reply)

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