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This is a question Question of the Week suggestions

Each week we ask a question. The idea is to generate material that's:

* interesting to read, i.e. we won't get bored of reading the answers after about 10 of them
* not been asked on this site before
* fun to answer

What would you like to ask? (We've left this question open - so feel free to drop in ideas anytime.)

(, Wed 14 Jan 2004, 13:01)
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How come you bake cookies but you cook bacon?

(, Fri 24 May 2024, 21:45, 1 reply, 11 hours ago)
If You Travel Back In Time To See One Event What Would It Be?
Think about it.

You discovered a time machine in a abandoned warehouse

You start to wonder where you would like to go?

You've decided you would like to see a historical moment in time in action.

But what important part of history would you like do go to.
(, Fri 24 May 2024, 21:42, Reply)
Weird dreams
Tell us about the strangest journeys your mind has taken you on while asleep.
(, Thu 15 Feb 2024, 9:32, 1 reply, 3 months ago)
Have you ever, ever felt like this? Have strange things happened, are you going round the twist?

(, Sat 3 Feb 2024, 17:21, 4 replies, latest was 3 months ago)
Please provide a "Question of the Week" suggestion.
Certainly! Here's a "Question of the Week" suggestion for B3ta.com:

"What's the most bizarre or unexpected way you've ever used a common household item? Share your tales of creative ingenuity and everyday objects turned into tools of brilliance."

This question encourages users to think outside the box and share amusing or fascinating stories about their resourcefulness in using everyday items in unconventional ways. It should generate a variety of interesting and entertaining responses that align with B3ta.com's criteria for a great question of the week.
(, Mon 11 Sep 2023, 22:05, Reply)
write a joke. As simple joke with a setup and a punchline.
(, Mon 11 Sep 2023, 16:08, Reply)
Who's the black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks?

(, Wed 6 Sep 2023, 14:51, 3 replies, latest was 8 months ago)
What is beyond the unknown?

(, Fri 14 Jul 2023, 21:59, 6 replies, latest was 9 months ago)
If you had £35,000 to spend on photos what would you ask for?

(, Thu 13 Jul 2023, 22:03, 1 reply, 10 months ago)
Colour in the Lizard

It's a lizard. And we want you to colour it in.
(, Wed 12 Jul 2023, 8:24, 2 replies, latest was 10 months ago)
What's the dullest anecdote in your repertoire?

(, Thu 18 May 2023, 11:20, 6 replies, latest was 11 months ago)
What name would you give to the small key-like object supplied with some brands of smartphone to open the sim card slot?

(, Wed 3 May 2023, 12:32, 2 replies, latest was 7 months ago)
Are you a sardine?

(, Tue 2 May 2023, 14:47, Reply)

(, Wed 12 Apr 2023, 10:35, 2 replies, latest was 1 year ago)
Hebtroco has paid for a front page advertisement for shorts, despite this being something they don't even sell, according to their website.
When was the last time you wasted a bunch of money on the internet?

(, Wed 22 Mar 2023, 19:38, 7 replies, latest was 1 year ago)
When I say arseboon, you say dilbaro.
(, Thu 16 Mar 2023, 12:11, 2 replies, latest was 1 year ago)
Has anyone said arseboon dilbaro yet?

(, Sun 5 Mar 2023, 20:40, 2 replies, latest was 1 year ago)
Richard Whitely's penis

(, Thu 16 Feb 2023, 10:41, 4 replies, latest was 9 months ago)
carol vorderman's arse

(, Wed 8 Feb 2023, 15:33, 3 replies, latest was 1 year ago)
Random reviews on shit revisiting
Just updated youtube there is a 5 star review from a random on their Apple review page about Kevins removal services. Hoping it was someone on here that did it. I tried to add my own.

How much of a shit to mega companies give to their reviews as long as they have the words their algorithm looks for???

Let’s spread some 2022 chaos for old times sake.
(, Mon 26 Dec 2022, 12:59, 6 replies, latest was 1 year ago)
What's the most blatant attention-seeking lie you ever told?

(, Sat 24 Dec 2022, 9:16, Reply)
the current question has been open over 4 years

(, Sat 3 Dec 2022, 13:41, 5 replies, latest was 1 year ago)
I like this!

(, Tue 29 Nov 2022, 13:22, 1 reply, 1 year ago)

(, Fri 25 Nov 2022, 15:41, Reply)
has anyone said b3ta yet?

(, Fri 25 Nov 2022, 13:19, Reply)
this place, gentle poster, is your friend.

(, Thu 17 Nov 2022, 11:11, 5 replies, latest was 2 years ago)
After getting kicked out of the Fringe for making the mistake of thinking it was a forum for jokes, legendary comic Sadowitz is playing the Apollo in London on Nov 15th.

Have you ever been kicked out of a forum for jokes for making the mistake of thinking it was a forum for jokes? Crack open photoshop and show us!
(, Mon 14 Nov 2022, 10:13, Reply)
Who invented the skip?

(, Wed 9 Nov 2022, 13:38, Reply)
Semen Khaidenko

(, Sat 5 Nov 2022, 19:13, Reply)

(, Thu 20 Oct 2022, 9:30, Reply)

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