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This is a question Sexism

Freddie Woo tells us: Despite being a well rounded modern man I think women are best off getting married and having a few kids else they'll be absolutely miserable come middle age.

What views do you have that are probably sexist that you believe are true?

(, Sun 27 Dec 2009, 12:23)
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Who is worse
Just reading yospeck's post and comments.

Woman who dress overly sexy (as stated in said post) moaning about being looked at like they are some porn star, even thought they are dressed like one.


Men who do it, and think that just because of the way they are dressed they sluts.

Maybe if men were less attention giving, woman would be less attention seeking. Or is it the other way around?
(, Wed 6 Jan 2010, 16:55, 8 replies)
Women play the sexism card way to much..
"If a girls sleeps with a lot of guys she's a slut. If a guy sleeps with a lot of girls he's a stud".

This would be a valid arguement if it wasn't the fact that in general its THE GIRLS calling EACH OTHER sluts. Guys don't call other guys sluts... because sleeping with a load of girls is awesome. I for one have no problem with girls of easy virtue who are happy to sleep around. In fact I think there should be more.

Secondly, girls who dress like tarts with their tits hanging out who get all pissy when you actually check her out. With all due respect, you spent an hour getting ready for going out and chose to have your cleavage on display... if you don't want us looking at it... don't have them on display.
(, Wed 6 Jan 2010, 15:50, 28 replies)
Women are shit at middle-management roles
Fact. Guys who are in middle management are generally pretty laid back and like to keep their people happy. You put a woman in middle-management and she suddenly thinks 'this is a mans world, now I've got be a complete fucking bitch to everyone as I suddenly have something to prove'. Suddenly they're acting like they're permenantly PMSing, one minute they're happy to sit and talk to you at your desk and be best pals, then in the next breath they'll turn around and say 'I think its time you got back to work'.... YOU'RE THE ONE THAT SAT NEXT TO ME YOU FUCKING DUMB BITCH!
(, Wed 6 Jan 2010, 15:46, 9 replies)
As we all know, its physically impossible for any man to sit through the likes of Bridget Jones’ Diary without feeling the urgent, primal need to seriously hurt people.

In my household there’s a simple rule.

If she wants us to sit down and watch a chick flick, fine. Just as long as I get to watch one of my films afterwards. One time I endured some dross about this blonde bimbo who was really upset because she couldn’t go shopping and her best friend ran off with her soon-to-be hubby, but then she ended up getting it on with some posh English fella who turned out not to be gay and was a millionaire and they eventually got married after endless scenes spent holding hands and being fabulous, and then she got to go shopping…

After this we watched one of my movies. And my flat has been a chick flick free zone since that time.

Fair plays, I don’t get to watch the likes of Anal Witches/High Heel Bitches or Spank Me, I’m Eighteen & Horny anymore…

… but that’s a small price to pay, truth told. God I hate those fucking chick flicks…
(, Wed 6 Jan 2010, 15:45, 7 replies)
It's my first b3ta birthday today!
And if that's not sexist, then I don't know what sexism is.
(, Wed 6 Jan 2010, 13:44, 4 replies)
That despite all you have been told about women doing the housework..
It usually only includes moving things around the house, whilst you deal with bin / cat litter / dishwasher / washing machine, because they are "dirty" jobs.

If we are all equal now... why don't I see any women rubbish collectors.. oh and there are very few women tramps, someone explain me that.
(, Wed 6 Jan 2010, 12:54, 5 replies)
Does anyone here have a household whereby
rather than a joint account, each partner has their own bank account where their own wages get paid into it. Then the bills, shopping, mortgage/rent gets split and each have their own disposable income?
(, Wed 6 Jan 2010, 11:36, 29 replies)
Right. Pedant time, because this is doing my head in.
Gender is a grammatical term that can describe nouns, pronouns and adjectives in many indo-european languages.

What you all mean in these posts is sex ie male or female.
(, Wed 6 Jan 2010, 11:34, 21 replies)
The records fridge
I have a “records fridge” in my house. It’s a magnetic blackboard stuck on the fridge door in which my friends and I preserve for the annals of history all of the milestones of human endeavor achieved whilst in the confines of my house.

There are currently several years’ worth of PES high scores, pig pong championships results, gran turismo lap times, CoD MW2 kills and roast dinner eating contest results all documented proudly for all to see.

No woman has ever held a house record. Not one.
I wouldn’t want to be sexist and say that women are rubbish at playing footie on a PS3 and overeating meat products on any given Sunday, but the records fridge is hard to argue with.
(, Wed 6 Jan 2010, 10:34, 14 replies)
As a lowly paid office monkey
One thing I know: Men generally get things done with a bit of pragmatism and fairness.

Women generally bitch and snipe about things to ensure they personally do as little as possible. Seeing as most of the top-end of the hierarchy are male, they do tend to sympathise more with the women.

The terrifying world of office politics.
(, Wed 6 Jan 2010, 9:47, Reply)
That 'studs vs slags' debate settled.

Thank you Lamebook.
(, Wed 6 Jan 2010, 7:21, 11 replies)
I once asked a mate,
'why do you think women enjoy sex more than men?' His answer 'Well it must be a bit rubbish being a woman, thinking nothing but shoes, shopping, soaps and haircuts all day long,ohhhh I've got a nice cock up me.'
(, Wed 6 Jan 2010, 4:06, 2 replies)
I am better than every man i have ever met
as above, fuckstain!
(, Wed 6 Jan 2010, 2:47, Reply)
take heed
dear sweet fragile little things
(, Wed 6 Jan 2010, 0:08, 4 replies)
Dirty Tactics
When ever a woman is losing an argument with a man all she has to do is burst into tears and she wins. It's a dirty trick because the man has to give in instantly, comfort her and apologise or he is viewed as a complete arsehole regardless of how stupid/immature/far fetched/stubborn etc her argument was.
(, Wed 6 Jan 2010, 0:04, 16 replies)
Equal Pay
Women earn less than men on average - fact. Maybe it's because they don't work as hard?
(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 23:59, 6 replies)
+1 for the ladies
I have just stumbled back from the pub, and whilst looking in the mirror and absent-mindedly picking the snowflakes from my hair, have managed to piss all over the floor.

Sometimes being able to pee standing up is a curse!
(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 23:30, 6 replies)
2 myths worth dispelling:

1. Women can multitask, men can't.
- complete bollocks. There is no difference between the sexes in their ability to coordinate several tasks at once. They simply have different ways of dealing with a long task list

2. Women have a higher pain threshold than men as they have to undergo childbirth.
- again, complete bollocks. Women's pain threshold is far lower than men's.

If I can be bothered I'll google the scientific papers to back up my assertions but you'll have to wait: redtube's just loaded up
(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 23:26, 2 replies)
(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 22:51, 1 reply)
cards on the table
I do carry a bit of baggage on this subject.

I worked for a blue chip US company in the UK. Started lower than the post room and worked my way up. After 10 years of fucking hard work I was doing well and had a team of 15 people.

At the time I was a strong anti-sexist and believed ardently in treating all employees equally. I had a female manager, her sex wasn't something I gave a seconds thought to, and employed many woman over the years.

I employed a new woman on the team, and she was OK for 6 months or so, then her work went to rat-shit. In the past I'd always managed to turn people around, so I started paying more attention to her work and trying to help her. But no matter what I tried her work continued to deteriorate.

What I didn't know is that when I said "let's look at what we can do to improve this piece of work" she heard "I FUCKING HATE YOU, YOU FUCKING USLESS BITCH".

Over a period of months she started raising grievances. I don't have space to go into details, but she was a master craftsmen.

The female HR attack dogs took her view and only her view of the situation. Potential unlimited damages in sexual discrimination cases made me more of a liability than an asset and I was "made redundant"

So that was it 10 years hard graft down the toilette cos some unstable piece of shit played the system.

It wasn't too bad though, I took some legal advice and one solicitors letter later I had 2 years wages on top of 1.5 years I left with. And with a new job a couple of months later I had learnt some very valuable lessons.

Employment law stacks the cards hugely in a women's favour. If you are a man do not employ a female candidate unless you are very confident of her abilities.

If you have female employee with performance issues do not attempt to resolve them informally, document everything, ensure there are witnesses, involve HR form the get go.

Edit: BTW, the unstable piece of shit lasted less than 6 more months before getting sacked. An apology from the HR department would have been nice.
(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 20:48, 9 replies)
My friend is often labeled a sexist...
Her: "My EYES are UP HERE!"
Him: "You've spent the last 30 minutes going on and on about your fucking cat despite everyone here trying to change the subject, apparently being rude, self absorbed and inconsiderate is our theme tonight, I'm gonna run with it."

He continued to stare at her tits for the next half hour, determinedly, like they were bombs that'd go off if he looked away.

She decided to call it an early night.

Him: "Man, I hooked up with an older woman last night."
Me: "Yeah? How was it?"
Him: "I couldn't stop looking at her hair."
Me: "what about it?"
Him: "she was riding me and all I could think was "Hi ho Silver, away!""


Her: "My boyfriend is an immature sexist asshole."
Him: "What's he do?"
Her: "Whenever we argue he's all "Oh what do you know, you're a woman" and when he's wrong about something he won't admit it - he'll say "Woman, get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich!", it's just so wrong it drives me up the wall - it doesn't even make sense - what can you come back with when someone says that shit?"
Him : "Well, you should 'come back' with a sandwich - if you know what's good for you."

I was eating a sandwich when they had this conversation in front of me (probably what sparked it off), the look on her face when he said that made me snort lettuce and mustard through my nostrils. It hurt.

Him to his gf:
"Why do I always drive? Cause it's my fucking car.
Why don't I want to go shopping? Cause it's my fucking money.
Why do I want to have sex all the time? Cause you're my fucking woman, unless you're not my fucking woman - in which case, I'll get me another woman - who'll do some fucking."
Her: "I hate you."

He's often single. Equally interesting - he's often not single...

The line that lost him his job:
"Yes, I called you "hon", you know what I call him? Fuckhead. He's not complaining, you know why? Cause he's not a fucking twat."

HR heads are so often women... so, you know, the logic was lost on her.

Him: (pointing to two women on the side of the road by a broken down car) "I think they're whores!"
Me: (wtf?) "Yeah man, highway whores in suburbia, it's a whole new thing. I bet they make a fortune."
Him: "Fuck you - Road head is awesome. Let's go back."

The thing is, it *would* make the work commute a lot nicer, and you could use the high occupancy vehicle lanes... stress would go down as soon as they did...

One of his stories:
(warning: contains explicit sluttiness (of both genders) and I can't vouch for anything but the first part)

"So I'm dancing up this girl and she reaches back and she grabs my crotch while lookin over her shoulder at me. It's kinda hot sure, but all I can think of at that moment (other than I'm gonna score tonight) is - she doesn't even know my name yet. So I go along, but since I've had this thought - I never introduce myself. Not like she's really bringing it up you know? Instead I keep using these little pet names, baby, honey, darlin, and she's doing the same. And at the end of the night after we've both had a fine fuck - she's cuddling up next to me and telling me she thinks we have something really special.

And I'm thinking "with WHO?"

So, I told her I thought she was special too, and that I'd been looking for a long time, and that I was happy she felt the same way, and we started talking about how good we work and all this positive lovey shit and I started having sex with her again and I was pouring on the lovey talk and she's all sensitive from the first time and I'm really fucking her silly and she was cummin really easy and going out of her head and barely able to think and I started saying over and over to her "Say my name! Say my name! Baybee I LOVEEEE you! SAY MY NAME!"

It took a while to get through her sex haze but she finally heard me and I got to watch her face while she tried to say it and realized she couldn't remember it... she was trying so hard to remember my name, but she was under me and I kept pumping away at her and she could barely think, her eyes are rolling back up in her head but I keep laying it on her "baybee I gotta hear you say my name, lover, please just say it for me and.." and I'm doing everything I could to keep her going towards a really big O and she's falling apart trying to think and she making these weird noises and scrunching up her face and I finally figure out she's starting to cry while she's cumming but both at the same time so her eyes are crinkled and tearing but her mouth is wide open and gasping "oh my god" from the sex so it's coming out all "Oh my god!" when she breathes out but then she's sobbing and hiccuping when she breathes in and it's "(oh my god) (sob) (hiccup) (oh my god) (sob) (snort) (OH MY GODohmygodohmygod) (aaaaaah!)" and finally she cums really hard and her whole faces scrunches up and she kinda sits up and I pull out and as she sucks in this really long ragged breath with these little crying hiccups I put her hand on my cock and she starts jerking me off onto her stomach and she bawls out this tortured wail "Baybee I don't know your naaaammmeeeee!!" and I cum all over her.

Best. Fucking. Sex. Of. My. Life."


I'm surprised they're not married.

And I think having some length is grand.
(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 20:30, 8 replies)
Can you imagine
climbing allll the way up to that glass ceiling, and forgetting to give it a bit of a polish?
(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 19:35, Reply)
to quote a friend...
"women never let something like common sense get in the way of good argument"
(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 19:23, Reply)
Trash cans
I never cease to be amazed at the ability of a women to create a pyramid with the trashcan. This usually is a result of placing some huge something or other (box, shopping bags, milk carton, etc.) and then just placing the subsequent trash on top, which inevitably falls to either side.

If I have such a large item, I walk it immediately to the trash or recycling bin and I'm done. That way, snotrags (and other femine type things) don't have to be picked up by the man on trash day. (As mentioned in another post, I won't mention the post-apocalyptic scene that is the floor of her car).

How sad that men have evolved from the proud hunter to the mingy one who takes the trash out.
(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 18:07, 1 reply)
Though this isn't /links, this is appropriate here.

I will let you Google for her to see for yourselves, but she was a hate-filled, bile-spewing troll in her later years. The world will spin on quite happily without her.

"Every successful revolution," Barbara Tuchman said, "puts on in time the robes of the tyrant it has deposed." That could well be Professor Daly's epitaph.

And in the spirit of the original question: how many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 17:59, 10 replies)
I still can't get my head around the idea of wearing really cheap uncomfortable shoes because they look nice.

Mrs YC has some very nice Patrick Cox boots, which her rich sister tried on once.

"Oh I couldn't possibly buy shoes that expensive, and anyway I need shoes that'll hide my bunion".

I know, I'll start wearing jacket, that after a couple of years will permanently dislocate my shoulder.

Nope still don't get it.
(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 17:56, 2 replies)
never understood
That, why, when, after you've slept with a lass she thinks she has the right to bitch about things to you about you? It was all fine before.
I'll keep my cock to myself.
(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 17:23, 1 reply)
On a slightly serious note...
...I was wondering the other day if we're going to witness a re-shaping of society in the next few decades, with women being of a higher class than men. Consider:

- women now account for 60% of university students, and rising
- women get more 2:1s and 1sts than men
- more women get degrees in liberal arts subjects like English and History which tend to lead to middling professional work
- women dominate 'soft' trades like HR, publishing, psychology etc
- trends in education make this likely to continue

Granted, there are exceptions (like engineering, politics and finance) but I reckon it's possible that as the gap widens then men will become a lower class, doing physical/manual work while the majority of women will work in business and the professions.

Unless something changes, of course.
(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 17:18, 8 replies)
"Women are arseholes basically.
They behave in a manner that would be totally unacceptable for men. They're petulant, prickly, childish, imperious, indecisive and irritable...but they do have lovely boobies."

...was a friend's summation.
(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 16:52, 3 replies)
Women are stupid when it comes to shoes
not all I'll admit, but a lot.

One example I've seen recently is a (fucking annoying scumbag) Exeter Uni student walking past my house at about 8pm on a friday or saturday night, with shoes so painful/uncomfortable that she had already taken them off on the way to a night out.

That strikes me as fucking thick. No shoes look nice enough or do enough for how your legs or arse look to make that worthwhile.
(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 16:39, 10 replies)

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