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This is a question Sorry

With Tesco taking out full page adverts to say sorry for selling us ponyburgers, now is the time for us all to say Sorry.
Write a letter of apology to someone who deserves it.

props to Monty_Boyce

(, Thu 17 Jan 2013, 14:50)
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Is all that you can't say
Years gone by and still
Words don't come easily
Like sorry like sorry

Forgive me
Is all that you can't say
Years gone by and still
Words don't come easily
Like forgive me forgive me

This is an apology to Tracy Chapman, one of my favorite singer-songwriters. In my 20's, I caught an interview on Parkinson where he was talking to a young black girl. She was sullen, uncooperative, monosyllabic and obviously didn't want to be there. After the interview, she sang "Fast Car" and I was blown away. But my first impression remained and was reinforced when I bought her album "Across The Lines".

"Across The Lines" was a brilliant album but all of the songs were full of anger, of despair, of the hopelessness of growing up in the ghetto. I had her pegged as a one-album wonder who would never get over her early years, never be happy and would probably kill herself through drink and drugs and the inability to handle her new-found riches due to inexperience.

"Across The Lines" has always been on my music playlist but I didn't really keep track of her career after that. Then, one night, I was idly chasing music through YouTube when I came across this:


Tracy around 2007.

I don't think I've ever been happier to be so wrong about someone. She's big, black, dread-locked and her smile just radiates contentment. Whatever has happened to her over the years has ended up with someone who's in exactly the place she needs to be in.

I doffs my hat.

(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 11:48, 15 replies)
you fucking massive racist

(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 11:55, closed)
Thank god she ended up black, imagine how awkward it'd have been if she was the new MJ

(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 11:56, closed)
It's ok I don't think she reads this

(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 12:20, closed)
I am struggling to find any relevance at all to your story about what colour skin she has
but you seem to feel the need to mention it twice.

I put it to you that you have race issues.

(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 13:03, closed)
Don't be absurd, this was cleared up last week.
Some of his best friends are pork dodgers and the very dark skinned.
(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 13:42, closed)
Of course! How could I have forgotten!

(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 13:51, closed)
Isn't that the one where we established its actually women that he hates?

(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 14:22, closed)
Nah, I think it's definitely non-whites.
Completely pointless quip about enraging black people:

Christ, the man's obsessed:
(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 14:51, closed)
Are you a woman of a certain age?

(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 15:17, closed)
My ex played the hell out of that album.
She would play it several times in a row, as she couldn't be arsed to change the disc now and then. I quickly developed a hatred of that disc that has never gone away.

Unfortunate, because as you say she's really quite good.
(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 22:27, closed)
She doesn't look big to me
but she is black yes, well done for noticing
(, Sat 19 Jan 2013, 14:29, closed)
Oh Legless
You utterly boring, racist sexpest.

Don't ever change.

(, Sat 19 Jan 2013, 15:22, closed)
Racist twat.

(, Mon 21 Jan 2013, 7:32, closed)
I like this song
But when I hear "my old man's got a problem" I always think "my old man's a dustman" and it ruins it.
(, Mon 21 Jan 2013, 12:18, closed)
I honestly hope this is a cunning troll.
Because if this is a serious post and this racist cunt is under 80 then that's fucking tragic.
(, Mon 21 Jan 2013, 19:51, closed)

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