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This is a question Spoilers

The Hedgehog From Hell says: "I shared a house in England with a couple of Germans in 1999. I was watching Star Trek: Deep Space 9 on BBC2. One came into the room and saw Jadzia Dax on the screen and said 'Oh! Is she still alive? You're really far behind in this country.' What's been ruined for you, and how? Apart from QOTW, obviously"

(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 13:29)
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In direct contradiction to The Lone Groover, I have a real problem with spoilers
I hate knowing ANYTHING about a story I'm about to watch / read / whatever. Even a single, insignificant scene will bug me, as at some level I'll be constantly thinking about how the story will reach that scene.

I avoid trailers, jump on the remote before the "Next Week..." teasers, and get vein-throbbingly angry if people let slip anything. It boggles me that the film-makers spend so much time and effort crafting a careful build-up to a Big Reveal, then the studio blows it by putting out a trailer which gives it all away.

So, for example, by avoiding all trailers, I was probably the only person in the cinema for Terminator 2 who *didn't* know that Arnie was the good guy this time around - it was a genuine surprise. I like to think I enjoyed the film so much more than everyone else.

And what about shows which run clips from later in the same program??? I'm already watching it, you don't need to hook me, and in fact you've probably just reduced my reasons for staying with the show, since I now know what's coming.

Conversely, Mrs Moon Monkey wants to know everything - previews, sneak peeks, trailers, the lot. Sometimes I have to leave the room.

I'm quite tooth-grindingly angry now, having thought about spoilers for several minutes. I don't think I'll read this QOTW much this week...
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 16:01, 11 replies)
The New Testament
Jesus dies and comes back and goes away again. At the end there is an unrelated sequence where specters and demons trash the world.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 15:59, Reply)
Crime and Punishment
Raskolnikov confesses and goes to jail for a bit.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 15:55, 2 replies)
The Wizard of Oz
The Wizard is a fraud, but has some wisdom to impart.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 15:53, Reply)
Old Yeller
Travis has to shoot his dog.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 15:51, Reply)
The hunters kill Bambi's mom.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 15:51, Reply)
Mother had been dead for many years.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 15:49, Reply)
The Crying Game
That really cute cafe au lait chick has a dick.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 15:45, Reply)
Having read the books a few years back
I have spent ages deliberately not talking about what happened in Monday's Game of Thrones. So finally I can talk about how Walder Frey and Roose Bolton betray the Starks and Tullys to the Lannisters and kill both Robb and Cat in cold blood. Yays!
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 15:35, 9 replies)
Chris Fucking Moyles
"Bruce Willis is a ghost. he's been dead all along". My fault for pressing the '1' preset in the car then listening to his bilge for more than 4 minutes...

Makes me ashamed to also be a fat bloke from Leeds.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 15:34, 3 replies)
Are we that far up our own backsides that our lives are forever changed by knowing the plot of a television programme before we've watched it?

So why do millions watch Corrie & 'stenders each week when all they have to do is log on to t'interweb?

Grow up.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 15:23, 6 replies)
I'll come back...
... and read this in a couple of years time. As let's face it, this topic is about to get trolled with spoilers for every single piece of media released in the last 10 years regardless of format or if it came out 24 hours ago on the other side of the planet.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 15:13, Reply)
Speaking of the Titanic
My engagement with the story was somewhat ruined as Kate Winslet watched Leonardo die as she reclined on what looked like a full size snooker table.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 15:10, Reply)
It sinks and he dies.
He's a ghost.
He's a replicant.
Her sister isn't dead.
His brother is dead.
He beats the black guy up suddenly.
He's flipped and done it all himself.
It's a dream.
It's a programme.
He's his father.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 14:54, 15 replies)
some cunt told me the ship sank. I was genuinely shocked.

Also, Hitler dying at the end of Downfall?!?!?! I felt that being told that by my mate before watching it spoiled the tension. I hoped he might get away and go to live in the Caribbean with Eva Braun or something.

Don't even get me started on Passion of the Christ.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 14:49, Reply)
If you don't want to know the scores, please...

go fuck your own face! Cos you haven't got a cat in hells chance of managing to find the remote, change the channel or make yourself both deaf and blind in the split second before the BBC News bell-end takes an unestimable amount of pleasure in ruining it for you.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 14:35, 9 replies)
In the queue at the cinema to see 'Fight Club'...

A couple of girls in front of me grunted: "I 'eard the Brad Pitt character is just a figment of the uvver guy's imagination or sumfin"

(nearly) ruined for me what I believe was one of the best films of it's generation...hey ho.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 14:35, 2 replies)
The Beatles, when Paul joined.

(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 14:25, Reply)
If it hadn't been for you meddling kids
we would have got away with it!
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 14:22, 1 reply)
Elvis Presley
This is kind of arse about face, because Elvis was ruined from the start AFAIWC

As a small kid in the 70s, my understanding was as follows:
1. Elvis was The King. Of Rock and Roll, at least. This was evidenced by the constant stating of this cold fact by all the grown-ups.
2. Elvis was the guy in all those terrible films at xmas.
3. Elvis was that fat fuck in the white jumpsuit swigging pepsi in vegas.
4. the punks hated him and laughed whenm he died (nerdy fact: His cause of death was suffocation. He had a seizure on the loo and fell face down into a super shag pile and was too fucked to roll over.)

So fuck him I thought. And fuck everyone else that thinks he's so cool. The fonz was cool! This guy sucked.

My opinions persisted into my mid-20s when I stumbled over the "'68 comeback special".

Absolutely blew me away. Turns out everyone was right all along!
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 14:16, 8 replies)
Scooby Doo
Once Scrappy Doo showed up.

And apparently the Pink Panther TALKS now!
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 14:08, 9 replies)
I Will Always Love You as sung by Whitney Houston
Dolly Parton's original version has brought tears to my eyes at times. The song's basically an apology to someone in her life that she had let down badly.

Whitney's version makes my want to cry too, but for completely different reasons.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 14:03, 5 replies)
we all die in the end

(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 13:56, 5 replies)
This broth could do with a few more cooks.

(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 13:54, Reply)
Two days before I was going to watch The Usual Suspects
One fucker I worked with deliberately spoiled the twist in that one as he found out I was going to watch it later in the week.

So I made a personal hobby to accidentally do the same back to him. He like myself was into a bit of gaming so the moment he mentioned he was going to play something I'd drop a major plot line into the conversation.
"Just started that Final Fantasy 7, seems good."
"Yup, even after Seph kills Aeris it's worth playing...."
I think he sold his Playstation after a few weeks as knew most of the game plots from me. Ruin my "Usual Suspects" the git.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 13:47, Reply)
Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, CSI, Lost, The Wire, 24 and all those other fucking 'OMG' programmes are total shit, and if you're 'really into' them, you are a cunt and you should kill yourself.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 13:43, 22 replies)
Iain Lee gave away the ending to The 6th Sense,
just before I saw it in the cinema. Wasn't the end of the world, though.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 13:35, 3 replies)
I saw a car with a massive spoiler on it.
It had 'Bruce Willis is a ghost' across the side of it in big letters.

I'm sorry.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 13:35, 4 replies)
second. spoiled.
(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 13:35, Reply)
Everyone spoilt b3ta

(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 13:35, Reply)

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