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This is a question Stuff You've Overheard

Are you a nosey bastard who likes earwigging other peoples conversations? What's the best you've ever heard? From terrorist plots to intimate details of other peoples sex lives. We want to hear it all.

(, Wed 9 Jun 2004, 23:27)
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I was at a house
party a few months ago.
not wanting to be laden down i left my wallet (that contained £90) and other posessions in the hosts bedroom (he's a good friend of mine).
an hour or two later i go into the room to check on my stuff only to find my money missing. ruling out any foul play on my friends part we conclude that seeing as we were 100% positive no-one had left the party the thief must still be about.

about 10 minutes later i adjourn to the bathroom and on my way out overhear the thief in one of the open bedrooms casually explaining to his mate over the phone that 'some chump left a wallet lying around, so i took the £90 that was in it'.

he didn't stand a chance of getting out of the way when i burst into the room and twatted the shit out of him.
thieving prick had to come out into the backgarden to get his belongings before he left.
he's no longer part of our circle
(, Wed 9 Jun 2004, 23:56, Reply)

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