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This is a question Amazing displays of ignorance

Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic tells us: "My dad's friend told us there's no such thing as gravity - it's just the weight of air holding us down". Tell us of times you've been floored by abject stupidity. "Whenever I read the Daily Express" is not a valid answer.

(, Thu 18 Mar 2010, 16:48)
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Take a look out of the window
Year ago, my mate Rich and I were regulars at the Greyhound, where we'd play pool and drink beer. A great boozer - the kind of place where they'd be pouring your pint as soon as they see you at the door if you've been there more than twice. Anyway, one summer evening Rich is beating me hollow at the pool table, as he was wont to do, when a backpacker-looking bloke staggers in, clearly shattered after a long day travelling and lugging all his worldly goods around on his back.

He took a good few minutes to unload his rucksack, sleeping bag, then take off his kagoule, etc. Meanwhile all eight or ten of us in the pub (it was a weeknight) were watching in that friendly way people do when they're regulars and you're not.

It turns out he's American. "Say, you have a notice outside saying you serve food all day?" he drawls.

The barman, who's a bit of a wag, says drily "Take a look out of the window. It's dark." The kitchen's still open for business, he's just taking the piss.

Backpacker bloke sighs heavily, then starts putting all of his gear back on, one piece at a time, then turns on his heel and staggers off into the night. Serenaded by gales of laughter coming from the pub.

I'm not sure whether the tourist was the ignorant one, or the barman, but man, it was funny!
(, Thu 25 Mar 2010, 10:46, closed)

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