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This is a question Tactless

As grandmasterfluffles puts it, "My ex once told me, "That's the best sex I've ever had... Well, apart from with my cousin..."
What's the most tactless thing you've heard? And was it you saying it?

(, Thu 3 Nov 2011, 22:40)
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Another one!
It was about two to three years ago and Liverpool had just lost a game that we really shouldn't have lost. Later that evening I was explaining to a friend how gutted I was feeling and described it to being like having a distant relative - like an uncle you used to love as a kid but lost touch with - pass away. 'Yeah, my uncle passed away yesterday. I'm not sure how to feel about it because I remember a lot of the good times we had when I was younger then he and my dad had a fight.' 'What? Are you serious? You're just shitting me right?' 'No, he really did pass away.'

So my first bit of super twattish behaviour was describing losing a football match to losing a relative. How shite is that? Then the second bit was when I questioned his sincerity. ¬_¬
(, Sat 5 Nov 2011, 17:57, 3 replies)
Liverpool never lost a game
Liverpool never lost a game they shouldn't have lost.
(, Sat 5 Nov 2011, 19:26, closed)
Don't worry about the "questioning his sincerity" bit
One of my very good friends (Rsoles on here) has mentioned several times to me that he really regrets that when I phoned to tell him Jess had been killed his first words were "You're joking!".

It's a normal reaction to something shocking, I'm sure your mate won't even have registered that.
(, Mon 7 Nov 2011, 13:41, closed)

I underplayed it a bit here. I was calling him out for trying to fool me. You're right he didn't mind so much as he was so caught up in his grief to properly respond to it. Still, it didn't stop me feeling like a twat.
(, Tue 8 Nov 2011, 0:21, closed)

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