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This is a question Tactless

As grandmasterfluffles puts it, "My ex once told me, "That's the best sex I've ever had... Well, apart from with my cousin..."
What's the most tactless thing you've heard? And was it you saying it?

(, Thu 3 Nov 2011, 22:40)
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At work. Received an overly long email
Resorted to Twitter, complaining that I wish I could reply 'tl;dr' to emails.

All subsequent emails from this person have been constrained to the subject field.

Moral of this tale: tactless works
(, Wed 9 Nov 2011, 0:48, 4 replies)

I have a habit of writing annoyingly long emails so I've actually started including a tl;dr section at the beginning (but still including all nauseating detail so no one can claim I didn't tell them).
(, Wed 9 Nov 2011, 10:13, closed)
That's known as the "executive summary"
on the basis that most middle managers can't cope with long sentences or long words, for that matter. It's no coincidence that "golf" is one syllable and "BMW" spells it for them.
(, Wed 9 Nov 2011, 11:31, closed)
Not so much 'tactless' as 'passive aggressive' surely?

(, Wed 9 Nov 2011, 13:45, closed)
I mean, it's a work-based version of 'I wish that SOME PEOPLE wud lern mannas' posted as facebook status.

(, Wed 9 Nov 2011, 13:47, closed)

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