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This is a question Unexpected Nudity

There you are minding your own business, looking neither to the left, nor to the right, when suddenly... SURPRISE TODGER!

Tell us just how un-erotic unexpected encounters with nudey people can be.

(suggested by wanderingjoe)

(, Thu 28 May 2009, 13:32)
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The Tale Of Captain Sparky
Picture the scene... A hot day in Summer, not unlike today.
You've been dragged shopping by your girlfriend and the air-con is busted in your car, rendering it hotter than the Royal Box in Hell.
This had happened to my dear friend, Captain Sparky.
He got home, a tired, sweaty and broken wreck of a man.
"Right," He thought to himself, "Time for a shower and a few hours of computer-based gaming."
So, he takes his clothes off, heads to the bathroom and, well, has a shower. As you do.

Desweatinating having been achieved, he turns the taps off, opens the glass cubicle door and stops dead.
There's a man looking at him through the bathroom window.
He's on the second floor of the house.
Thoughts shoot through his head.
"Am I being perved on by Spiderman?"
"Is there some kind of Zero-Gravity-Homo out there?"
"Why did he look so happy, then so, so sad?"

Turns out it was the window cleaner.
Captain Sparky is tall, thin and had, at the time, long blonde hair. From the back, in the shower, he could pass for a woman, fairly easily (I assume. I have no hard evidence for this. Maybe "hard" was the wrong choice of word. Anyway...).

So, Mr. Window Cleaner was up his ladder, perving away on this "young lady" in the shower, waiting to get a glimpse of The Goods. Instead he got a penis-flavoured shock, right in his face.
Serves him right.
(, Mon 1 Jun 2009, 12:53, 7 replies)
Ha! Poetic justice upon that pervert of a window cleaner!
(Can we work a Honda into this?)
(, Mon 1 Jun 2009, 14:12, closed)
You can have a click...
...just for 'Zero Gravity Homo'
(, Mon 1 Jun 2009, 15:04, closed)
Why thank you.

(, Mon 1 Jun 2009, 15:07, closed)
for "penis-flavoured shock". I like that kind of shock, I do.
(, Tue 2 Jun 2009, 4:37, closed)
Top quotes aplenty...

Good to see you returning to the best page more regularly again

Excellent work sir.

(, Tue 2 Jun 2009, 14:55, closed)
as a long haired
and formely stick thin man, I thoroughly approve of this.
(, Tue 2 Jun 2009, 16:10, closed)
There's a few window cleaner stories around this week *cough*
(, Wed 3 Jun 2009, 12:04, closed)

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