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This is a question Unreasonable Cruelty

Freddie Woo tells us: "We used to lock kids in the toilets at school just because we could." But why would you do such a thing? Why would you give teaching such a bad name? Tell us about times when events have taken a turn for the harsh.

Suggested by Munsta

(, Thu 18 Jul 2013, 16:06)
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There I was working hard, studying, to make something of my life.
When all of a sudden, New Labour got in, fucked everyone's pensions, encouraged the mother of all mortgage debt, encouraged everyone to piss away 20 grand on a media degree, and sycophantically took up with the Yank's idea of a Police State based on some "War of Terror" predicate.
Then the ConLibs did fuck all except kick the can down the road and avoid too many mass riots, hoping not to be elected next time so that Labour, for once in their history, would have to deal with the consequence of populist chequebook incontinence.

And you're putting up with it. You cunts.
(, Sun 21 Jul 2013, 20:12, 24 replies)

(, Sun 21 Jul 2013, 20:24, closed)
Who asked you?
I've urinated on your mother.
(, Sun 21 Jul 2013, 20:29, closed)
if you're going to swear, do it properly
there's no law against saying "cunts" on the internet - not yet anyway

though it might damage your credit rating
(, Sun 21 Jul 2013, 21:02, closed)

(, Sun 21 Jul 2013, 21:05, closed)
alright, albert marshmallow?

(, Sun 21 Jul 2013, 21:36, closed)
Doesn't matter who you vote for,
the government always get in (as my Grandad used to say).
(, Sun 21 Jul 2013, 22:11, closed)
Or, as Ozzy Osbourne put it: "same shit, different arseholes".

(, Sun 21 Jul 2013, 22:40, closed)

(, Sun 21 Jul 2013, 22:52, closed)
I bet he thinks Stewart Lee is funny.

(, Sun 21 Jul 2013, 23:01, closed)
dunno what's going on with that lower lip, is this some kind of sex toy

(, Sun 21 Jul 2013, 23:32, closed)
University's great, isn't it?

(, Mon 22 Jul 2013, 8:43, closed)
I'm confused.
New labour fucked it all up, we voted for someone else, but we're not doing anything about it?

What are you looking for people to do?
(, Mon 22 Jul 2013, 8:44, closed)

I'll join you the moment I've finished my essay.
(, Mon 22 Jul 2013, 8:47, closed)
I did suspect he means
we should be looting Currys.
(, Mon 22 Jul 2013, 8:50, closed)
I dunno. That sounds a bit racist to me! LOL!

(, Mon 22 Jul 2013, 8:53, closed)
Someone has just thrown Aswad through Currys window

(, Mon 22 Jul 2013, 11:56, closed)
Fuck. I did
write comet, but then I realised they'd gone bust.
(, Mon 22 Jul 2013, 13:28, closed)
^ Well old ^

(, Mon 22 Jul 2013, 14:52, closed)
Don't blame me.
I always waste my vote on fringe Socialist candidates.
(, Mon 22 Jul 2013, 9:08, closed)
This is no place for a coherent, well-reasoned political argument
...so that's OK then.
(, Mon 22 Jul 2013, 9:14, closed)

(, Mon 22 Jul 2013, 11:37, closed)
work will set you free

(, Mon 22 Jul 2013, 11:57, closed)
When I hold you baby
Feel your heartbeat close to me
Want to stay in your arms forever
Only work can set you free
(, Mon 22 Jul 2013, 17:20, closed)
N Trance featuring MC Himmler on the wheels of steel

(, Tue 23 Jul 2013, 9:26, closed)

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