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This is a question B3ta Villain of the Year 2010

We voted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as B3ta's Person of the Year. Who do you have as 2010's scoundrel and why?

(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 12:34)
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That Hitler fellow.
seems a little dodgy to me.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 18:07, 10 replies)
my missus
For not putting out all day
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 17:53, 3 replies)
Cunt of the Year 2010
I have 2 - firstly the cunt that stole my bike, and secondly the cunt that tried to wreck a club I've been in for years.

Karma will sort them both in 2011, that is assured!
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 17:44, Reply)
Never realised the true villain was under our noses all this time.
The cunt on the Go-Compare adverts.

And I thought the meerkat was annoying.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 17:30, Reply)
With apologies to The Stranglers
Gordon Brown, face on The Sun,
Lays down the law, over rights he runs
Leans to the right
Gives people fright
Nothing but frowns
with Gordon Brown...

(Surely someone's done this already, haven't they?)
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 17:28, 4 replies)
I can't be bothered to post all the evidence but do your research. tesco pay next to no tax in the UK, they offshore the lot.

My boss informed me that in the year of 2008-2009 they paid approximately 16k in tax. I now refuse to shop there. Yes they do employ a lot of people but it still sucks ingrowing toe nails.

This QOTW is making me angry...grrrrrr Arrow smash!!!!
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 17:22, 12 replies)
my missus
for not putting out in jan.or feb,or march,may,june, etc etc,and now its december,sigh
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 17:21, 1 reply)
Michael Buble
For supplying every third song on any tinpot local radio station playlist. Aural temazepam for housewives.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 17:21, 2 replies)
This fucking piss-wizard as well
Regardless of context you're a hit and run driver. And a cunt.

(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 17:16, 2 replies)
This shit-trumpet

Fuck him, his family, his dog, and the fucking horse he rode into town on.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 17:13, 2 replies)
Anjem Choudary
For trying to ruin Christmas. The bugger.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 17:07, 4 replies)
The Police
for kicking down my door and nearly killing my child who was just behind it moments before.

Wrong house! Wrong house! Stupid inept twats!!!

Cowards the lots of them.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 17:03, 6 replies)
Sep Blatter and FIFA
Never have I seen a more corrupt bunch of two-face lying shite-bags
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 17:01, 6 replies)
Sir Philip Green
Tax-dodging cock
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 17:00, 2 replies)
I see, predictably,
...that the Clegg nominations have started.

Let me offer an alternative: you lot. Yes, you, you bunch of mongs. Or rather, anyone who didn't actually go out and vote Liberal Democrat.

Because, thing is, if you had done, then maybe we wouldn't have a sodding coalition. We'd have a genuine Liberal Democrat Government, and maybe - just - it might be able to keep a few more of the pledges.

Instead we have over five times as many Conservatives as LibDems. This is due, funnily enough, to more mongs voting Conservative. Now it would be lovely if, where their policies conflict (as with tuition fees and a zillion others), the LibDem policies held sway. But simple force of numbers means it ain't gonna happen. Instead, basically, we get a Conservative government but 16.6666% less evil (I think my maths is right. The coincidence of the word "Conservative" and the number "666" makes me think it must be).

The single most depressing post-election statistic I've seen is this one. "The polling over-statement of the Liberal Democrats was caused by a lot of their support coming from the young who, as it turned out, failed to vote." Or, in other words, we could have got a decent result for once... if people who blithely said to the pollsters "oh, of course, I'll be voting LibDem" had actually bothered to go down and vote.

But, you know, if Photoshopping big noses onto Nick Clegg salves your conscience, go to it.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 16:51, 49 replies)
Agnostic Antichrist's brother
for not even fucking existing, yet somehow apparently being able to be following television's/NWOBHM revivalist Neil Buchanan on 'Twitter' and having his phone number and going on holiday with him actually he was the best man at Neil's wedding last year AND ALL BEFORE YOU DID, BY SEVERAL YEARS, ACTUALLY.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 16:50, 2 replies)
Taylor Swift
Mediocrity in blonde. For checking all the marketing hype boxes.

Or the media image of - the person not being the product.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 16:45, 6 replies)
Michael Mcintyre
for being so middle of the road he's got cats eyes.

All that fucking stage time and you fill the world with dross that every cunt has already noticed. Breaks my heart! This can't be what people what. It just can't.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 16:39, 1 reply)
Jody Mcintyre.
For being an irritating, socialist, pro revolutionary political activist who seems to wish the world was run by the sort of institutions that in the past would have seen the likes of him locked up, tortured and shot.

I also don't like his complete lack of reason. For example that blog entry of his, calling for wheelchair access on the whole London Underground.

And finally, the worst till last, his fucking awful poetry.

I know he's partially disabled, but anti-discrimination laws and equal opportunities means it is perfectly alright for me to have a somewhat irrational dislike for him, just because I think he's a cunt and so many people think he's some sort of hero just for provoking a couple of coppers.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 16:37, 12 replies)
Piers Morgan
for being a shit cunt fuck slime cancer cell.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 16:36, Reply)
Ken fucking whiny voice Livingstone
regardless of politics I can't stand him. Tand dhats reason. enuff is enough.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 16:28, 3 replies)
Charlie Gilmore.
The son of a millionaire who desecrated a memorial to the dead and so gave all students at the fee's protest bad name.

His Secondary School Cost £9000 a Term- concidentally the same amount as the Fee's will be raised to for a YEAR.

For being a History student who didn't realise what the Cenotaph was about- I can see the taxpayers money has been of great use in educating him

And finally for being an annoying twerp to boot.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 16:22, 11 replies)

(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 16:18, Reply)
Anthropomorphised History. (male)
Yes him, that cunt which brought us to where we are today. He's not the one who controls aging, but does sit by whilst it happens. You know who he is, he's the nondescript entity which brought in Thatcher, New Labour and a flood of disappointment with it. That's probably for the lefties though.
On balance then let's not forget then for the social conservatives how an era of great music and drug abuse brought us the sexually liberal times we're in. Fiscal Conservative? Okay well I understand someone this bloke is now starting to agree with you now, so you can move on by. On the other hand if you're not you may want to vote for this guy.

Nevertheless without this sod, without this very vague being representing all of history we might have got what you wanted this year, but didn't. Damn that bastard.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 16:06, Reply)
Stephen Hawking
for not getting off his lazy arse and invented a time machine that allows me to give the 21 year old Vivien Leigh a special cuddle right up the chuffer. I'd probably thump Audrey Hepburn up the knickers while I was at it.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 15:54, 6 replies)
Changed my mind. It's Us
There's little kiddies being battered and starved to death in our own country, countless people hungry in a world of plenty, many millions toiling under oppressive regimes and many soldiers fighting pointless little wars over religion/oil/water/small patches of arable land.
And we sit and moan about the little things that affect us.
Fuck it off, for a drink and a mince pie.
Merry Xmas
Hugs and kisses to the girlies, shake of hands with the guys.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 15:45, 8 replies)
Bob Crow
For being a self-serving, fat cunt.

Can I say cunt?
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 15:41, 10 replies)
Always Rupert Murdoch, every year. Forever.
(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 15:40, 5 replies)

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