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This is a question Why should you be fired from your job?

I spent three years "working" in the Ministry of Agriculture carefully crafting projectiles out of folded paper and drawing pins that I would then fire at colleagues with an elastic band. On discovering I'd been conducting all-out warfare when I should really have been in a field counting cows, I was asked to "reconsider my career options" outside the service.

Why, then, should you be fired from your job?

(, Thu 9 Aug 2007, 13:04)
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In my former job ..
.. I worked in an open office plan but at some point I managed to get a desk where my computer screen was not visible to anyone but me and the window cleaner. At this point I installed a Wacom tablet, partly because it's a healthy substitute for a mouse, partly so that I could create b3ta compo entries while getting paid to do so. I also installed the old strategy game Colonization (which is like Civilization, only less addictive). My boss was seated across from me all the time and never suspected a thing. Not that I didn't do my job, but I suppose that I could have been a lot more productive if I had bothered to.

In the end wasn't fired but one of our clients called me and offered me a job at three times the pay. I'm far more productive now; my computer screen is visible to everyone and it is one a secure network with no internet access. This also removed the nagging guilt that I kept having in my old job (I actually liked my boss and the place, I just couldn't handle the temptations).
(, Sun 12 Aug 2007, 14:23, Reply)

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