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I don't know about Eurasia...
But myasia is pretty neat this morning....30 degrees, sunny, breakfast by the pool and a whole heap off fuck all to worry about. Winner!
(, Sat 14 Apr 2012, 4:34, archived)
I hope Jason voorhees is your pool boy.

(, Sat 14 Apr 2012, 5:25, archived)
Nah, he's a fifty year old Indonesian guy who has a permanent cretek hanging out his mouth
And a club foot....
(, Sat 14 Apr 2012, 5:27, archived)
are you really in Jakarta?
if so, can you tell my manning agents to sort the marlins test the fuck out?
(, Sat 14 Apr 2012, 5:35, archived)
You're obviously not paying enough bung money.
And yes, I am really in Jakarta
(, Sat 14 Apr 2012, 5:39, archived)
we pay fabulously.
we are obviously not under-cutting the going rate for someone taking an english test on behalf of some poor bastard who gets on board and can't cope.
(, Sat 14 Apr 2012, 5:44, archived)
I speak English good
fine coping. Bastard maybe.
(, Sat 14 Apr 2012, 5:46, archived)

(, Sat 14 Apr 2012, 6:00, archived)
No, I mean that you are not giving the agent enough....
He has a shitload of bribes to pay to expedite anything in this country!
(, Sat 14 Apr 2012, 5:48, archived)
very much aware of that but we have to be seen to rise above.
doesn't help the people who want to work for us and get ahead. oh, indonesia :(
(, Sat 14 Apr 2012, 5:59, archived)
Know what you mean....
The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce this week stated that businesses should budget for 17% of their operating costs to be used for illegal financial transactions. We are not allowed to indulge in this and off course, our business suffers.
(, Sat 14 Apr 2012, 6:02, archived)
hello, government!
(, Sat 14 Apr 2012, 6:08, archived)
Even the kids are at it, it's the only way of life for many here.
(, Sat 14 Apr 2012, 6:09, archived)