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I'll be in terrible trouble for saying this but I don't like them at all
I cannot actually think of a band with more pompous, pseudo-intellectual 'look at me, I've been to university' lyrics.

Sorry guys.
(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 9:41, archived)
Don't apologise
I like a bunch of things that some people find objectionable. It doesn't bother me in the slightest.
(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 9:44, archived)
^ speaking the truth, as ever.

(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 9:44, archived)
this needs no apology
they really were terrible
(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 9:49, archived)
you're just saying what we were all thinking

(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 10:02, archived)