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Funny you should mention a lack of food: I've just come back from the supermarket.
There was a bloke there with a spiderweb tattoo on his elbow, the traditional tattoo you get if you're well 'ard, because it's the most painful place on the body to get tattooed. Except his just went all the way around the dome of his elbow but not over it, so he had a spiderweb with a big hole in it, and looked like a wuss and a muppet.
(, Mon 17 Jul 2017, 18:08, archived)
People are getting their armpits done, that's supposed to be extremely painfully

(, Mon 17 Jul 2017, 18:11, archived)
Seems a bit pointless, though. I mean, you need to shave and lift your arms above your head just so anyone can see it.
(, Mon 17 Jul 2017, 18:17, archived)
90% of tattoos are shit for cunts tbf.

(, Mon 17 Jul 2017, 18:20, archived)
They call them Idiot Stamps for a reason.

(, Mon 17 Jul 2017, 18:42, archived)
Huxley's vison winning over Orwell again, make them think they chose to.

(, Mon 17 Jul 2017, 18:57, archived)